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Risk status for Norwegian cattle breeds assessed in case study

Date: 03.04.2018 Author: Sara Landqvist Category: Farm Animals

Photo: Anna Regnberg, Norwegian Genetic Resource Center

The risk status of six native Norwegian cattle breeds has been assessed in a new case study. The study, using a multi-indicator method adapted for french conditions, shows that the breeds could be considered not endangered. However, the author points out that to identify differences that might affect the risk status of the breeds, the indicators and grids should be adapted to the local conditions and the Norwegian conservation landscape.


The study was carried out by Jessica Tetteroo, as part of her graduation project for the Master Animal Sciences at Wageningen University and Research in Wageningen. The study covered six cattle breeds;  Sided Trønder and Nordland cattle, Western Fjord cattle, Telemark cattle, Western red polled cattle, Eastern red polled cattle and Døla cattle.

Read the whole report here.