NordGen Annual Review 2019

The Nordic Genetic Resource Center (NordGen) is the joint genebank and knowledge center for genetic resources in the Nordic countries. Our mission is to conserve and promote the sustainable use of genetic diversity among animals, forests and plants that are important...


Genetic Conservation of Forest Trees in the Nordic countries

The importance of conservation of forest genetic resources is widely recognized and efforts are needed on national, Nordic, European and global levels. The Nordic countries cooperate on exchanging information for the conservation of forest genetic resources through NordGen Forest, under...


40 Years of Nordic Collaboration in Plant Genetic Resources

The current book is a celebration of 40 years of Nordic collaboration on plant genetic resources. International perspectives are highlighted and the first chapter is written with input from Axel Diederichsen from Plant Gene Resources of Canada and Igor G. Loskutov from the...


Faroese Horse: Population status & conservation possibilities

The Faroese horse (Føroysk Ross) is an integral part of agricultural history on the Faroe Islands. There is no unambiguous evidence of the origins of the Faroese Horse. It is believed, though, that the Faroese horse was brought to the islands by...


Seed Longevity and Survival of Seed Borne Diseases after 30 Years Conservation in Permafrost

The Nordic Gene bank established the 100 year seed storage experiment in Coal mine no. 3 outside Longyearbyen in 1986. Security duplicate samples of the Nordic seed collection had been deposited in permafrost in the coal mine since 1984.  The...