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Vegetable Market in Bolivia
Vegetable Market in Bolivia, Sucre L165-4 Photo by CGIAR

Seed depositors, contact data

This is a brief overview of the seed depositors (and a few other relevant contact institutes) for the SGSV. You will find a summary of the number of depositor accessions (seed samples) after selecting an institute below. For more information of the individual institutes, please visit the FAO WIEWS Innstitute database,

Contact institutes

Institute name Institute acronym WIEWS Code Country  
Pyongyang AAS AAS PRK013 Korea, North [Details]
Africa Rice Center [AfricaRice] BEN089 Benin [Details]
Oak Park Research Centre [AFT] IRL001 Ireland [Details]
Austrian Agency for Health and Food Safety [AGES] AUT001 Austria [Details]
Australian Grains Genebank [AGG] AUS165 Australia [Details]
Margot Forde Forage Germplasm Centre, AgResearch Ltd [AGRESEARCH] NZL001 New Zealand [Details]
Genetic Resources Institute of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences AGRI AZE015 Azerbaijan [Details]
Agroscope Changins [Agroscope Changins] CHE001 Switzerland [Details]
Australian Pastures Genebank [APG] AUS167 Australia [Details]
Agricultural Plant Genetic Resources Conservation and Research Centre ARC SDN002 Sudan [Details]
Agricultural Research Corporation, Wad Medani [ARC] SDN034 Sudan [Details]
Australian Tropical Crops Collection ATCC AUS048 Australia [Details]
Australian Temperate Field Crops Collection ATFCC AUS039 Australia [Details]
Agricultural University of Georgia AUG GEO028 Georgia [Details]
The World Vegetable Center [AVRDC] TWN001 Taiwan [Details]
Baekdudaegan National Arboretum [BDNA] KOR048 Korea, South [Details]
Bioversity International [Bioversity] ITA303 Italy [Details]
Portuguese Bank of Plant Germplasm BPGV-DRAEDM PRT001 Portugal [Details]
Suceava Genebank [BRGV Suceava] ROM007 Romania [Details]
Barley and Wild Plant Resources Center, National University Corporation Okayama University BWPRC JPN009 Japan [Details]
Centro Agronómico Tropical de Investigación y Enseñanza [CATIE] CRI001 Costa Rica [Details]
Centre for Genetic Resources [CGN] NLD037 Netherlands [Details]
The Chaipattana Foundation [CHAIPAT] THA513 Thailand [Details]
Centro Internacional de Agricultura Tropical [CIAT] COL003 Colombia [Details]
Centro Internacional de Mejoramiento de Maíz y Trigo [CIMMYT] MEX064 Mexico [Details]
Centro Internacional de Mejoramiento de Maíz y Trigo [CIMMYT] MEX002 México [Details]
Centro Internacional de la Papa [CIP] PER001 Peru [Details]
Cherokee Nation [CN] USA1005 United States [Details]
Chai Nat Field Crops Research Center CN FCRC THA214 Thailand [Details]
Crop Research Institute [CRI] CZE122 Czech Republic [Details]
The Global Crop Diversity Trust [CropTrust] Italy [Details]
Department of Agriculture, Food and Rural Development [DAFF] IRL029 Ireland [Details]
Desert Legume Program DELEP USA971 United States [Details]
Department of Agriculture, Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperation DOAGB THA032 Thailand [Details]
The Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation [EMBRAPA] BRA008 Brazil [Details]
Estonian Crop Research Institute [ETKI] EST019 Estonia [Details]
Global Biodiversity Information Facility [GBIF] Denmark [Details]
Genetic Resources Institute, University of Banjaluka GRIBL BIH039 Bosnia and Herzegovina [Details]
Warwick Genetic Resources Unit [HRIGRU] GBR006 United Kingdom [Details]
Indonesian Center for Agricultural Biotechnology and Genetic Resources Research and Biotechnology [ICABIOGRAD] IDN179 Indonesia [Details]
International Centre for Agricultural Research in Dry Areas [ICARDA] LBN002 Lebanon [Details]
International Centre for Agricultural Research in Dry Areas [ICARDA] SYR002 Syrian Arab Republic [Details]
Institute of Creal Crop Improvement, Tel Aviv University [ICCI] ISR003 Israel [Details]
Wild Cereal Gene Bank ICGB ISR037 Israel [Details]
World Agroforestry Centre [ICRAF] KEN023 Kenya [Details]
International Crop Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics [ICRISAT] IND002 India [Details]
Institut d'Economie Rurale IER MLI002 Mali [Details]
Plant Breeding and Acclimatization Institute [IHAR] POL003 Poland [Details]
International Institute of Tropical Agriculture [IITA] NGA057 Nigeria [Details]
International Livestock Research Institute [ILRI] ETH013 Ethiopia [Details]
Unidad de Recursos Genéticos -INIA La Platina [INIA] CHL002 Chile [Details]
Instituto de Investigaciones Agropecuarias [INIA] CHL044 Chile [Details]
Instituto Nacional Autónomo de Investigaciónes Agropecuarias [INIAP] ECU076 Ecuador [Details]
National Institute for Agricultural Research [INRA] FRA040 France [Details]
Institut National de la recherche Agronomique [INRA MAROC] MAR123 Morocco [Details]
Instituto Nacional de Recursos Biológicos [INRB] PRT005 Portugal [Details]
Institute for Plant Genetic Resources K. Malkov [IPGRBG] BGR001 Bulgaria [Details]
Leibniz Institute of Plant Genetics and Crop Plant Research [IPK] DEU146 Germany [Details]
International Rice Research Institute [IRRI] PHL001 Philippines [Details]
Agricultural Research Institute of Burundi ISABU BDI003 Burundi [Details]
The James Hutton Institute [JHI] GBR251 United Kingdom [Details]
Federal Research Centre for Cultivated Plants - Institute of Fruit Breeding [JKI] DEU451 Germany [Details]
Lebanese Agricultural Research Institute [LARI] LBN020 Lebanon [Details]
Armenian State Agrarian University, Laboratory of plant gene pool and breeding LPGPB ARM035 Armenia [Details]
Lombardy Seed Bank, Botanical Garden, University of Pavia [LSB] ITA411 Italy [Details]
Natural Resources Institute Finland [Luke] FIN027 Finland [Details]
Biotechnology, Plant Genetic Resources and Plant Protection Division MPGRPPD MMR003 Myanmar [Details]
National Agrobiodiversity Center [NAC] KOR043 Republic of Korea [Details]
Nigeria National Centre for Genetic Resources and Biotechnology [NACGRAB] NGA010 Nigeria [Details]
National Agricultural Research Foundation Greece NAGREF GRC035 Greece [Details]
National Agricultural Research Organization [NARO] UGA031 Uganda [Details]
National Bureau of Plant Genetic Resources India [NBPGR] IND001 India [Details]
National Center for Genetic Resources Preservation [NCGRP] USA005 USA [Details]
The Norwegian Forest Seed Centre [NFSC] NOR056 Norway [Details]
Nordic Gene Bank [NGB] SWE002 Sweden [Details]
National Genebank of Kenya NGBK KEN015 Kenya [Details]
Nordic Genetic Resource Center [NORDGEN] SWE054 Sweden [Details]
National Plant Genetic Resources Laboratory NPGRL PHL129 Philippines [Details]
National Plant Germplasm System [NPGS] USA996 USA [Details]
Republican National Genetic Resource Center NRCGR TJK027 Tajikistan [Details]
National Rice Seed Storage Laboratory for Genetic Resources NRSSL THA012 Thailand [Details]
Parque de la Papa [PdeP] PER862 Peru [Details]
Plant Gene Resources of Canada [PGRC] CAN004 Canada [Details]
Plant Genetic Resource Centre, Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute [PGRC, BARI] BGD164 Bangladesh [Details]
Plant Genetic Resources Institute, National Agricultural Research Centre [PGRI-NARC] PAK001 Pakistan [Details]
Plant Science Agricultural Research and Training Institute [PSARTI] MNG030 Mongolia [Details]
Scientific Practical Centre of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus for Arable Farming [RPCNASBAF] BLR011 Belarus [Details]
Australian Medicago Genetic Resources Centre, South Australian Research and Development Institute [SARDI] AUS006 Australia [Details]
Svalbard Global Seed Vault [SGSV] NOR051 Norway [Details]
SLU Alnarp [SLU] Sweden [Details]
SADC Plant Genetic Resources Centre [SPGRC] ZMB030 Zambia [Details]
Seed Savers Exchange [SSE] USA974 United States of America [Details]
Plant Production Research Center Piestany [SVKPIEST] SVK001 Slovakia [Details]
Taiwan Agricultural Research Institute [TARI] TWN006 China [Details]
I. Lamouri Research Institute of Farming TAVTAVI GEO001 Georgia [Details]
Temasek Life Sciences Laboratory Limited [TLL] SGP008 Singapore [Details]
Institute of Plant Production n.a. V.Y. Yurjev of UAAS [UAAS] UKR001 Ukraine [Details]
Universidad de Costa Rica [UCR] CRI003 Costa Rica [Details]
Universidad de Costa Rica [UCR-CIA] CRI092 Costa Rica [Details]
Universidad Nacional Agraria La Molina [UNALM] PER002 Peru [Details]
Uzbek Research Institute of Plant Industry UzRIPI UZB006 Uzbekistan [Details]
N.I. Vavilov All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Plant Industry [VIR] RUS001 Russian Federation [Details]
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