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Svalbard Global Seed Vault, entrance
The Svalbard Global Seed Vault ( provides a safe backup of seeds on food crops conserved by seedbanks worldwide. This picture is from the day after the opening. Photo by Dag Terje Filip Endresen

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This page allows you to do basic searches regarding the material to be stored in the Seed Vault.

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Seed samples deposited and stored at SGSV. The same records as in table sgsv_template, but with harmonized taxon names and country information.

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Institute code Accession number Full scientific name Species Genus Country of collection or source Country code Country name Details
DEU146   HOR 13874   Hordeum sp.   Hordeum sp.   Hordeum               [Details]
DEU146   AVE 4336   Avena sp.   Avena sp.   Avena   TUR   TUR   Turkey   [Details]
DEU146   ANTI 54   Antirrhinum majus L.   Antirrhinum majus   Antirrhinum               [Details]
DEU146   TRI 29901   Triticum sp.   Triticum sp.   Triticum   GEO   GEO   Georgia   [Details]
DEU146   R 1624   Secale sp.   Secale sp.   Secale   DDR   DDR   German Democratic Republic (former)   [Details]
DEU146   TRI 21810   Triticum sp.   Triticum sp.   Triticum   SUN   SUN   Soviet Union   [Details]
DEU146   PAP 1190   Papaver somniferum L. subsp. somniferum   Papaver somniferum   Papaver   AUT   AUT   Austria   [Details]
DEU146   LENS 541   Lens culinaris Medik.   Lens culinaris   Lens   YEM   YEM   Yemen   [Details]
DEU146   K 7913   Lactuca sp.   Lactuca sp.   Lactuca   SUN   SUN   Soviet Union   [Details]
DEU146   TRI 29838   Triticum sp.   Triticum sp.   Triticum   GEO   GEO   Georgia   [Details]
DEU146   THLA 39   Thlaspi arvense L.   Thlaspi arvense   Thlaspi   DEU   DEU   Germany   [Details]
DEU146   CAM 187   Camelina sativa (L.) Crantz   Camelina sativa   Camelina   ESP   ESP   Spain   [Details]
DEU146   AVE 1913   Avena sativa L. var. brunnea Körn.   Avena sativa   Avena   USA   USA   United States   [Details]
DEU146   SAT 24   Satureja hortensis L.   Satureja hortensis   Satureja   GEO   GEO   Georgia   [Details]
DEU146   SAT 47   Satureja montana L.   Satureja montana   Satureja   ITA   ITA   Italy   [Details]
DEU146   EUPH 14   Euphorbia helioscopia L.   Euphorbia helioscopia   Euphorbia   DEU   DEU   Germany   [Details]
DEU146   EPI 2   Epilobium hirsutum L.   Epilobium hirsutum   Epilobium   ITA   ITA   Italy   [Details]
DEU146   SISY 1   Sisyrinchium montanum Greene   Sisyrinchium montanum   Sisyrinchium   DEU   DEU   Germany   [Details]
DEU146   CIC 726   Cicer arietinum L.   Cicer arietinum   Cicer   ITA   ITA   Italy   [Details]
DEU146   CIC 734   Cicer arietinum L.   Cicer arietinum   Cicer   ITA   ITA   Italy   [Details]
DEU146   BRA 2875   Brassica oleracea L.   Brassica oleracea   Brassica   DEU   DEU   Germany   [Details]
DEU146   L 2810   Phaseolus coccineus L.   Phaseolus coccineus   Phaseolus   DEU   DEU   Germany   [Details]
DEU146   GRA 1196   Hordeum murinum L.   Hordeum murinum   Hordeum   FRA   FRA   France   [Details]
DEU146   DIG 982   Digitaria sanguinalis (L.) Scop.   Digitaria sanguinalis   Digitaria   ESP   ESP   Spain   [Details]
DEU146   GRA 3126   Poa bulbosa L.   Poa bulbosa   Poa   AFG   AFG   Afghanistan   [Details]

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