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Svalbard Global Seed Vault, entrance
The Svalbard Global Seed Vault ( provides a safe backup of seeds on food crops conserved by seedbanks worldwide. This picture is from the day after the opening. Photo by Dag Terje Filip Endresen

Information sharing

This page allows you to do basic searches regarding the material to be stored in the Seed Vault.

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SGSV metadata by country. The country names are harmonized according to the ISO 3166 standard codes and names.

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Country name Country code Number of accessions Number of seeds Details
Andorra   AND   1       [Details]
India   IND   74,663   96,643,226   [Details]
Unknown   UNK   39,319   51,590,259   [Details]
Mexico   MEX   150,906   42,058,980   [Details]
United States   USA   48,155   23,677,976   [Details]
Zimbabwe   ZWE   7,934   21,618,632   [Details]
Uganda   UGA   4,668   19,711,924   [Details]
Ethiopia   ETH   27,933   18,457,376   [Details]
unknown       24,743   17,227,074   [Details]
Nepal   NPL   8,542   15,087,838   [Details]
Kenya   KEN   6,196   14,299,827   [Details]
China   CHN   29,457   13,211,195   [Details]
Turkey   TUR   27,033   12,137,067   [Details]
Nigeria   NGA   12,151   11,736,815   [Details]
Canada   CAN   14,886   10,672,581   [Details]
Brazil   BRA   18,692   10,322,471   [Details]
Korea, South   KOR   20,277   9,204,348   [Details]
Iran   IRN   20,316   9,085,538   [Details]
Laos   LAO   16,531   7,889,372   [Details]
Pakistan   PAK   14,383   7,645,678   [Details]
Russia   RUS   10,116   7,566,358   [Details]
Germany   DEU   16,965   7,509,505   [Details]
Sudan   SDN   6,851   7,430,811   [Details]
Indonesia   IDN   13,452   7,033,530   [Details]
Sweden   SWE   15,724   6,937,745   [Details]

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