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Svalbard Global Seed Vault, entrance
The Svalbard Global Seed Vault ( provides a safe backup of seeds on food crops conserved by seedbanks worldwide. This picture is from the day after the opening. Photo by Dag Terje Filip Endresen

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This page allows you to do basic searches regarding the material to be stored in the Seed Vault.

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WIEWS institute code accession number Full scientific name Country of collection or source Number of seeds Details
ETH013   dummy test box               [Details]
ETH013   ILRI-FOR-18595   Lablab purpureus (L.) Sweet   IND   500   [Details]
ETH013   ILRI-FOR-903   Trifolium masaiense J.B.Gillett   TZA   500   [Details]
ETH013   ILRI-FOR-6207   Avena sativa L.       500   [Details]
ETH013   ILRI-FOR-15888   Stylosanthes hamata (L.) Taub.   VEN   500   [Details]
ETH013   ILRI-FOR-2079   Zornia glochidiata DC.   ETH   500   [Details]
ETH013   ILRI-FOR-15995   Melilotus officinalis (L.) Pall.       500   [Details]
ETH013   ILRI-FOR-15354   Vicia lathyroides L.       500   [Details]
ETH013   ILRI-FOR-2086   Acacia sp.   ETH   500   [Details]
ETH013   ILRI-FOR-306   Desmanthus virgatus (L. )Willd.   BLZ   500   [Details]
ETH013   ILRI-FOR-17465   Cytisus proliferus L. f.   ESP   500   [Details]
ETH013   ILRI-FOR-8714   Crotalaria pycnostachya Benth.   ETH   500   [Details]
ETH013   ILRI-FOR-15924   Stylosanthes hamata (L.) Taub.   VEN   500   [Details]
ETH013   ILRI-FOR-5080   Pisum sativum L.   SWE   500   [Details]
ETH013   ILRI-FOR-28   Vigna filicaulis Hepper       500   [Details]
ETH013   ILRI-FOR-6913   Acacia farnesiana (L.) Willd.       500   [Details]
ETH013   ILRI-FOR-12555   Stylosanthes scabra Vogel       500   [Details]
ETH013   ILRI-FOR-6515   Lathyrus clymenum L.       500   [Details]
ETH013   ILRI-FOR-5264   Vicia sativa L.       500   [Details]
ETH013   ILRI-FOR-5340   Lathyrus sativus L.   DDR   500   [Details]
ETH013   ILRI-FOR-193   Centrosema plumieri (Pers.) Benth.   BLZ   500   [Details]
ETH013   ILRI-FOR-14960   Vigna heterophylla A.Rich.       500   [Details]
ETH013   ILRI-FOR-17128   Sesbania leptocarpa DC.   MLI   500   [Details]
ETH013   ILRI-FOR-1271   Sesbania goetzei Harms   TZA   500   [Details]
ETH013   ILRI-FOR-5658   Medicago sativa L.   SYR   500   [Details]

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