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List of countries

This is the full list of countries where the seeds deposited at the Svalbard Global Seed Vault originates from. The country of collection or source. The name of the countries are displayed as reported by the seed depositor.

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Disclaimer: The names used for countries and territories do not imply official endorsement or acceptance by any of the organizations involved in the operation and management of the seed vault.

Note that the name of the countries in this list are displayed as reported by the seed depositor.
Country Country (interpreted) Seed samples
______1 accessions
---Unknown (UNK)6 148 accessions
---Unknown (---)11 567 accessions
?5 accessions
.Unknown (UNK)72 accessions
.4 accessions
ABH1 accessions
ADANA (TUR)Turkey (TUR), Asia3 accessions
AFAfghanistan (AFG), Asia5 accessions
AFGAfghanistan (AFG), Asia8 911 accessions
AfghanistanAfghanistan (AFG), Asia1 027 accessions
AFGHANISTANAfghanistan (AFG), Asia35 accessions
AFGHANISTAN (AFG)Afghanistan (AFG), Asia5 accessions
AFRUnknown (UNK)1 accessions
AFR2 accessions
Africa9 accessions
AGOAngola (AGO), Africa407 accessions
AL.Albania (ALB), Europe12 accessions
ALBAlbania (ALB), Europe1 020 accessions
AlbaniaAlbania (ALB), Europe23 accessions
ALBANIAAlbania (ALB), Europe1 382 accessions
ALBANIA (ALB), TIRANAAlbania (ALB), Europe1 accessions
AlgeriaAlgeria (DZA), Africa107 accessions
Algeria (ALG)58 accessions
ALGERIAAlgeria (DZA), Africa51 accessions
ALGERIA (ALG) (ALG)5 accessions
AMEUnknown (UNK)3 accessions
AMERICAUnknown (UNK)1 accessions
Ancient Palestine2 accessions
Ancient PalestineAlbania (ALB), Europe5 accessions
Ancient PalestinePalestinian territory, occupied (PSE), Asia4 accessions
ANDAndorra (AND), Europe1 accessions
AngolaAngola (AGO), Africa15 accessions
ANTNetherlands Antilles (ANT), North America12 accessions
AR.Albania (ALB), Europe1 accessions
AREUnited Arab Emirates (ARE), Asia2 accessions
ARGArgentina (ARG), South America5 145 accessions
ARG Argentina (ARG), South America37 accessions
ArgentinaArgentina (ARG), South America579 accessions
ARGENTINAArgentina (ARG), South America17 accessions
ARGENTINA (ARG)Argentina (ARG), South America4 accessions
ARMArmenia (ARM), Asia1 734 accessions
ArmeniaArmenia (ARM), Asia135 accessions
ARMENIAArmenia (ARM), Asia28 accessions
ARMENIA (ARM)Armenia (ARM), Asia19 accessions
AS.American Samoa (ASM), Oceania7 accessions
Asia3 accessions
AsiaAmerican Samoa (ASM), Oceania1 accessions
Asia Minor2 accessions
Asia MinorAmerican Samoa (ASM), Oceania2 accessions
ATGAntigua and Barbuda (ATG), North America99 accessions
AUAustralia (AUS), Oceania3 accessions
AUSAustralia (AUS), Oceania7 888 accessions
AustraliaAustralia (AUS), Oceania2 666 accessions
AUSTRALIA1 accessions
AUSTRALIAAustralia (AUS), Oceania453 accessions
AUSTRALIA (AUS)Australia (AUS), Oceania2 accessions
AustriaAustria (AUT), Europe79 accessions
AUSTRIAAustria (AUT), Europe4 accessions
AUSTRIA (AUT)Austria (AUT), Europe4 accessions
AUTAustria (AUT), Europe2 755 accessions
AZ.Azerbaijan (AZE), Asia1 accessions
AZEAzerbaijan (AZE), Asia4 643 accessions
AzerbaijanAzerbaijan (AZE), Asia86 accessions
AZERBAIJANAzerbaijan (AZE), Asia73 accessions
AZERBAIJAN (AZE)Azerbaijan (AZE), Asia11 accessions
AZERBAIJAN (AZE), LENKORANAzerbaijan (AZE), Asia1 accessions
BahamasBahamas (BHS), North America1 accessions
BahrainBahrain (BHR), Asia1 accessions
BangladeshBangladesh (BGD), Asia133 accessions
BDIBurundi (BDI), Africa1 644 accessions
BELBelgium (BEL), Europe617 accessions
BelarusBelarus (BLR), Europe27 accessions
BELARUS (BYS)Belarus (BLR), Europe6 accessions
BELARUS (BYS), MINSKBelarus (BLR), Europe1 accessions
BelgiumBelgium (BEL), Europe76 accessions
BELGIUMBelgium (BEL), Europe4 accessions
BELGIUM (BEL)Belgium (BEL), Europe4 accessions
BelizeBelize (BLZ), North America5 accessions
BENBenin (BEN), Africa745 accessions
BeninBenin (BEN), Africa404 accessions
BFABurkina Faso (BFA), Africa2 352 accessions
BGBulgaria (BGR), Europe1 accessions
BGDBangladesh (BGD), Asia9 393 accessions
BGRBulgaria (BGR), Europe4 578 accessions
BHRBahrain (BHR), Asia7 accessions
BHSBahamas (BHS), North America10 accessions
BhutanBhutan (BTN), Asia8 accessions
BIHBosnia and Herzegovina (BIH), Europe1 124 accessions
BLRBelarus (BLR), Europe663 accessions
BLZBelize (BLZ), North America289 accessions
BMUBermuda (BMU), North America2 accessions
BOLBolivia (BOL), South America3 864 accessions
BOL Bolivia (BOL), South America8 accessions
BoliviaBolivia (BOL), South America122 accessions
BOLIVIABolivia (BOL), South America5 accessions
BOLIVIA (BOL)Bolivia (BOL), South America8 accessions
BOLIVIA (BOL), POTOSIBolivia (BOL), South America2 accessions
Bosnia and HerzegovinaBosnia and Herzegovina (BIH), Europe89 accessions
BOSNIA HERZEGOVBosnia and Herzegovina (BIH), Europe1 accessions
BotswanaBotswana (BWA), Africa741 accessions
BRBrazil (BRA), South America4 accessions
BRABrazil (BRA), South America17 559 accessions
BRA Brazil (BRA), South America3 accessions
BrazBrazil (BRA), South America1 accessions
BrazilBrazil (BRA), South America1 080 accessions
BRAZILBrazil (BRA), South America120 accessions
BRBBarbados (BRB), North America59 accessions
BRD (BRD)1 accessions
BREST (BYS)Belarus (BLR), Europe16 accessions
BRNBrunei (BRN), Asia206 accessions
BTNBhutan (BTN), Asia631 accessions
BUL11 accessions
BulgariaBulgaria (BGR), Europe577 accessions
BULGARIABulgaria (BGR), Europe6 accessions
BULGARIA (BGR)Bulgaria (BGR), Europe13 accessions
BULGARIA (BGR), BURGASBulgaria (BGR), Europe2 accessions
BURBurma (former) (BUR), Africa955 accessions
Burkina FasoBurkina Faso (BFA), Africa821 accessions
BurundiBurundi (BDI), Africa12 accessions
BWBotswana (BWA), Africa3 accessions
BWABotswana (BWA), Africa507 accessions
CAFCentral African Republic (CAF), Africa561 accessions
CambodiaCambodia (KHM), Asia4 accessions
CameroonCameroon (CMR), Africa2 218 accessions
CAMEROONCameroon (CMR), Africa1 accessions
CAMEROON (CMR)Cameroon (CMR), Africa1 accessions
CamerounCameroon (CMR), Africa2 accessions
CANCanada (CAN), North America11 176 accessions
CanadaCanada (CAN), North America4 166 accessions
CANADACanada (CAN), North America273 accessions
CANADA (CAN)Canada (CAN), North America6 accessions
Cape VerdeCape Verde (CPV), Africa1 accessions
Central African RepAlbania (ALB), Europe61 accessions
Central African RepCentral African Republic (CAF), Africa28 accessions
Central African republicCentral African Republic (CAF), Africa33 accessions
Central African RepublicCentral African Republic (CAF), Africa116 accessions
Central African RepublicAlbania (ALB), Europe7 accessions
Central America1 accessions
ChadChad (TCD), Africa255 accessions
CHADChad (TCD), Africa1 accessions
CHESwitzerland (CHE), Europe8 894 accessions
CHERNIHIV (UKR)Ukraine (UKR), Europe1 accessions
ChileChile (CHL), South America386 accessions
CHILEChile (CHL), South America15 accessions
CHILE (CHL)Chile (CHL), South America1 accessions
ChinaChina (CHN), Asia5 528 accessions
China-1 accessions
CHINAChina (CHN), Asia1 248 accessions
China (CHN)17 accessions
CHINA (CHN)China (CHN), Asia20 accessions
CHLChile (CHL), South America4 760 accessions
CHNChina (CHN), Asia26 503 accessions
CHN 1 accessions
CIM (CIM)360 accessions
CIVCote d'Ivoire (CIV), Africa5 131 accessions
CMRCameroon (CMR), Africa2 892 accessions
CODCongo, Democratic Republic of the (COD), Africa531 accessions
COGCongo, Republic of the (COG), Africa46 accessions
COKCook Islands (COK), Oceania2 accessions
COLColombia (COL), South America10 871 accessions
COL Colombia (COL), South America40 accessions
ColombiaColombia (COL), South America123 accessions
COLOMBIAColombia (COL), South America5 accessions
COLUMBIA (COL)Colombia (COL), South America2 accessions
COMComoros (COM), Africa1 accessions
CongoUnknown (UNK)65 accessions
Congo2 accessions
CongoUnknown (UNK), Africa31 accessions
CONGOCongo, Republic of the (COG), Africa29 accessions
Congo, Democratic Republic of theCongo, Democratic Republic of the (COD), Africa5 accessions
Congo, Republic of theCongo, Republic of the (COG), Africa9 accessions
Costa RicaCosta Rica (CRI), North America57 accessions
Cote d IvoireCote d'Ivoire (CIV), Africa52 accessions
Cote d'IvoireCote d'Ivoire (CIV), Africa29 accessions
Cote d\"Ivoire38 accessions
CP.1 accessions
CPVCape Verde (CPV), Africa9 accessions
CRICosta Rica (CRI), North America1 942 accessions
CRIMEA (UKR)Ukraine (UKR), Europe6 accessions
CroatiaCroatia (HRV), Europe74 accessions
CROATIACroatia (HRV), Europe1 accessions
CRYUnknown (UNK)6 accessions
CSKCzechoslovakia (CSK), Europe1 646 accessions
CUBCuba (CUB), North America873 accessions
CUB Cuba (CUB), North America2 accessions
CubaCuba (CUB), North America33 accessions
CUBA (CUB)Cuba (CUB), North America1 accessions
CUWCuraƧao (CUW), South America6 accessions
CYCyprus (CYP), Asia1 accessions
CYPCyprus (CYP), Asia2 481 accessions
CyprusCyprus (CYP), Asia62 accessions
CYPRUSCyprus (CYP), Asia3 accessions
CYPRUS (CYP)Cyprus (CYP), Asia1 accessions
CZECzech Republic (CZE), Europe1 504 accessions
CZE 3 accessions
CzechCzech Republic (CZE), Europe1 accessions
CzechoslovakiaCzechoslovakia (CSK), Europe130 accessions
CZECHOSLOVAKIACzechoslovakia (CSK), Europe1 accessions
CZECHOSLOVAKIA (CSK)Czechoslovakia (CSK), Europe19 accessions
Czech RepublicCzech Republic (CZE), Europe168 accessions
CZECH REPUBLICCzech Republic (CZE), Europe12 accessions
CZECH REPUBLIC (CZE)Czech Republic (CZE), Europe2 accessions
DDRGerman Democratic Republic (former) (DDR), Europe809 accessions
Democratic Republic of the CongoCongo, Democratic Republic of the (COD), Africa18 accessions
Democratic Republic of the Congo23 accessions
DENIZLI (TUR)Turkey (TUR), Asia1 accessions
DenmarkDenmark (DNK), Europe154 accessions
DENMARKDenmark (DNK), Europe12 accessions
DENMARK (DNK)Denmark (DNK), Europe5 accessions
DEUGermany (DEU), Europe17 027 accessions
DJIDjibouti (DJI), Africa2 accessions
DMADominica (DMA), North America3 accessions
DNKDenmark (DNK), Europe3 977 accessions
DOMDominican Republic (DOM), North America406 accessions
DOM Dominican Republic (DOM), North America4 accessions
Dominican RepublicDominican Republic (DOM), North America21 accessions
Dominican RepublicDominica (DMA), North America4 accessions
DZAAlgeria (DZA), Africa6 814 accessions
EAK (EAK)1 accessions
Eastern Europe3 accessions
Eastern EuropeUnknown (UNK)2 accessions
ECUEcuador (ECU), South America3 870 accessions
ECU Ecuador (ECU), South America23 accessions
EcuadorEcuador (ECU), South America95 accessions
ECUADOREcuador (ECU), South America6 accessions
ECUADOR (ECU)Ecuador (ECU), South America1 accessions
EE.Estonia (EST), Europe80 accessions
EE.1 accessions
EF.Unknown (UNK)151 accessions
EGEgypt (EGY), Africa1 accessions
EGYEgypt (EGY), Africa2 846 accessions
EgyptEgypt (EGY), Africa694 accessions
EGYPTEgypt (EGY), Africa12 accessions
EGYPT (EGY)Egypt (EGY), Africa1 accessions
EGYPT not correctEgypt (EGY), Africa18 accessions
El SalvadorEl Salvador (SLV), North America26 accessions
El SalvadorAlbania (ALB), Europe3 accessions
EL SALVADOREl Salvador (SLV), North America2 accessions
Equatorial GuineaAlbania (ALB), Europe4 accessions
Equatorial GuineaEquatorial Guinea (GNQ), Africa4 accessions
ERIEritrea (ERI), Africa1 208 accessions
EritreaEritrea (ERI), Africa15 accessions
ESHWestern Sahara (ESH), Africa1 accessions
ESPSpain (ESP), Europe7 100 accessions
ESTEstonia (EST), Europe213 accessions
EstoniaEstonia (EST), Europe28 accessions
ESTONIA (EST)Estonia (EST), Europe1 accessions
ETHEthiopia (ETH), Africa36 305 accessions
EthiopiaEthiopia (ETH), Africa3 114 accessions
ETHIOPIA1 accessions
ETHIOPIAEthiopia (ETH), Africa128 accessions
ETHIOPIA (ETH)Ethiopia (ETH), Africa15 accessions
EU*Unknown (UNK)4 accessions
EU*12 accessions
EURUnknown (UNK)3 accessions
EuropeUnknown (UNK), Europe2 accessions
EuropeUnknown (UNK)3 accessions
Europe3 accessions
Faroe IslandsFaroe Islands (FRO), Europe3 accessions
FijiFiji (FJI), Oceania12 accessions
FINFinland (FIN), Europe2 066 accessions
FinlandFinland (FIN), Europe143 accessions
FINLANDFinland (FIN), Europe15 accessions
FINLAND (FIN)Finland (FIN), Europe3 accessions
FJIFiji (FJI), Oceania40 accessions
FLKFalkland Islands (Islas Malvinas) (FLK), South America3 accessions
Former Serbia and MontenegroSerbia And Montenegro (SCG), Europe9 accessions
Former Serbia and MontenegroSerbia and Montenegro (YUG), Europe75 accessions
Former Soviet UnionSoviet Union (SUN), Europe529 accessions
Former Soviet Union237 accessions
FORMER SOVIET UNIONSoviet Union (SUN), Europe17 accessions
Former YugoslaviaSerbia and Montenegro (YUG), Europe8 accessions
Former Yugoslavia29 accessions
FRAFrance (FRA), Europe6 091 accessions
FranceFrance (FRA), Europe861 accessions
FRANCEFrance (FRA), Europe26 accessions
FRANCE (FRA)France (FRA), Europe12 accessions
French Equatorial Africa2 accessions
French GuianaFrench Guiana (GUF), South America1 accessions
FROFaroe Islands (FRO), Europe5 accessions
FSMMicronesia, Federated States of (FSM), Oceania7 accessions
GABGabon (GAB), Africa6 accessions
GabonGabon (GAB), Africa50 accessions
Gambia1 accessions
GambiaGambia, The (GMB), Africa6 accessions
Gambia, TheGambia, The (GMB), Africa6 accessions
GBRUnited Kingdom (GBR), Europe4 190 accessions
GEOGeorgia (GEO), Asia3 504 accessions
GeorgiaGeorgia (GEO), Asia185 accessions
GEORGIAGeorgia (GEO), Asia97 accessions
GEORGIA (GEO)Georgia (GEO), Asia22 accessions
GERGermany (DEU), Europe85 accessions
GERGermany (former) (GER), Europe24 accessions
GermanyGermany (DEU), Europe953 accessions
GERMANYGermany (DEU), Europe30 accessions
GERMANY (DEU)Germany (DEU), Europe34 accessions
GERMANY (DEU) Germany (DEU), Europe5 accessions
GHAGhana (GHA), Africa892 accessions
GhanaGhana (GHA), Africa677 accessions
GHANAGhana (GHA), Africa1 accessions
GIBRALTARGibraltar (GIB), Europe2 accessions
GINGuinea (GIN), Africa1 340 accessions
GLPGuadeloupe (GLP), North America54 accessions
GMBGambia, The (GMB), Africa525 accessions
GNBGuinea-Bissau (GNB), Africa114 accessions
GNQEquatorial Guinea (GNQ), Africa13 accessions
GRCGreece (GRC), Europe8 143 accessions
GRDGrenada (GRD), North America48 accessions
GREAT BRITAIN (GB)United Kingdom (GBR), Europe2 accessions
GREAT BRITAIN (GBR)United Kingdom (GBR), Europe3 accessions
GreeceGreece (GRC), Europe478 accessions
GREECEGreece (GRC), Europe29 accessions
GREECE (GRC)Greece (GRC), Europe7 accessions
GreenlandGreenland (GRL), North America28 accessions
GRLGreenland (GRL), North America74 accessions
GTGuatemala (GTM), North America5 accessions
GTMGuatemala (GTM), North America5 009 accessions
GTM Guatemala (GTM), North America6 accessions
GuadeloupeGuadeloupe (GLP), North America9 accessions
GuamGuam (GUM), Oceania2 accessions
GuatemalaAlbania (ALB), Europe12 accessions
GuatemalaGuatemala (GTM), North America182 accessions
GUATEMALAGuatemala (GTM), North America1 accessions
GUATEMALA (GTM)Albania (ALB), Europe1 accessions
GUFFrench Guiana (GUF), South America34 accessions
GuineaGuinea (GIN), Africa142 accessions
GUMGuam (GUM), Oceania9 accessions
GUYGuyana (GUY), South America163 accessions
GUY 1 accessions
GuyanaGuyana (GUY), South America19 accessions
HaitiHaiti (HTI), North America5 accessions
HKGHong Kong (HKG), Asia70 accessions
HM.Heard and Mc Donald Islands (HMD), Antarctica2 accessions
HNDHonduras (HND), North America1 577 accessions
HondurasHonduras (HND), North America33 accessions
HONDURASHonduras (HND), North America2 accessions
Hong KongHong Kong (HKG), Asia14 accessions
HRVCroatia (HRV), Europe505 accessions
HTIHaiti (HTI), North America253 accessions
HUNHungary (HUN), Europe3 855 accessions
HungaryHungary (HUN), Europe610 accessions
HUNGARYHungary (HUN), Europe9 accessions
HUNGARY (HUN)Hungary (HUN), Europe6 accessions
IB. (IB.)9 accessions
IBPGRUnknown (UNK)107 accessions
ICA5 accessions
IcelandIceland (ISL), Europe12 accessions
ICRISATIndia (IND), Asia1 accessions
ICRISAT3 324 accessions
IDIndonesia (IDN), Asia1 accessions
IDNIndonesia (IDN), Asia13 083 accessions
IITA,IbadanNigeria (NGA), Africa1 accessions
INIndia (IND), Asia21 accessions
INDIndia (IND), Asia64 668 accessions
IndiaIndia (IND), Asia13 529 accessions
INDIA2 accessions
INDIAIndia (IND), Asia25 accessions
INDIA (IND)India (IND), Asia18 accessions
INDIA (IND), JAMMU AND KASHMIRIndia (IND), Asia1 accessions
Indochina3 accessions
IndonesiaIndonesia (IDN), Asia367 accessions
INDONESIA1 accessions
INDONESIA 1 accessions
INDONESIA (IDN)Indonesia (IDN), Asia2 accessions
IOTBritish Indian Ocean Territory (IOT), Asia1 accessions
IRIran (IRN), Asia8 accessions
IranIran (IRN), Asia3 799 accessions
IRANIran (IRN), Asia984 accessions
Iran (IRN)20 accessions
IRAN (IRN)Iran (IRN), Asia4 accessions
IraqIraq (IRQ), Asia159 accessions
IRAQIraq (IRQ), Asia39 accessions
IRAQ (IRQ)Iraq (IRQ), Asia1 accessions
IrelandIreland (IRL), Europe16 accessions
IRELANDIreland (IRL), Europe4 accessions
IRKUTSK (RUS)Russia (RUS), Europe1 accessions
IRLIreland (IRL), Europe1 597 accessions
IRNIran (IRN), Asia21 699 accessions
IRQIraq (IRQ), Asia2 333 accessions
IRRI12 accessions
IRRI (IRTP-1983)3 accessions
IRRI (IRTP-1985)1 accessions
ISLIceland (ISL), Europe461 accessions
ISRIsrael (ISR), Asia4 811 accessions
IsraelIsrael (ISR), Asia325 accessions
ISRAELIsrael (ISR), Asia161 accessions
ISRAEL (ISR)Israel (ISR), Asia5 accessions
ITAItaly (ITA), Europe8 929 accessions
ItalyAlbania (ALB), Europe269 accessions
ItalyItaly (ITA), Europe368 accessions
ITALYItaly (ITA), Europe161 accessions
ITALY (ITA)Albania (ALB), Europe9 accessions
ITL4 accessions
IZMIR (TUR)Turkey (TUR), Asia1 accessions
JAMJamaica (JAM), North America105 accessions
JAM Jamaica (JAM), North America3 accessions
JamaicaJamaica (JAM), North America28 accessions
JAN1 accessions
JAP (JAP)5 accessions
JapanJapan (JPN), Asia1 998 accessions
JAPANJapan (JPN), Asia36 accessions
JAPAN (JPN)Japan (JPN), Asia8 accessions
JORJordan (JOR), Asia6 460 accessions
JordanJordan (JOR), Asia76 accessions
JORDANJordan (JOR), Asia3 accessions
JORDAN (JOR)Jordan (JOR), Asia1 accessions
JPNJapan (JPN), Asia7 708 accessions
KASTAMONU (TUR)Turkey (TUR), Asia2 accessions
KAZKazakhstan (KAZ), Asia1 504 accessions
KazachstanKazakhstan (KAZ), Asia1 accessions
KazakhstanKazakhstan (KAZ), Asia449 accessions
KAZAKHSTANKazakhstan (KAZ), Asia9 accessions
Kazakhstan (KAZ1 accessions
KAZAKHSTAN (KAZ)Kazakhstan (KAZ), Asia40 accessions
KAZAKHSTAN (KAZ), EASTERNKazakhstan (KAZ), Asia1 accessions
KEKenya (KEN), Africa55 accessions
KENKenya (KEN), Africa4 276 accessions
KenyaKenya (KEN), Africa1 884 accessions
KENYAKenya (KEN), Africa17 accessions
KGZKyrgyzstan (KGZ), Asia507 accessions
KHERSON (UKR)Ukraine (UKR), Europe1 accessions
KHMCambodia (KHM), Asia5 016 accessions
KIRKiribati (KIR), Oceania1 accessions
KNASaint Kitts and Nevis (KNA), North America36 accessions
KO-7 accessions
KORKorea, South (KOR), Asia18 152 accessions
Korea1 accessions
KoreaUnknown (UNK)4 accessions
KOREAUnknown (UNK)1 accessions
Korea, NorthKorea, North (PRK), Asia123 accessions
Korea, SouthKorea, South (KOR), Asia2 305 accessions
KOREA, SOUTHKorea, South (KOR), Asia12 accessions
KWTKuwait (KWT), Asia1 accessions
KYRGHYZSTAN (KGZ)Kyrgyzstan (KGZ), Asia5 accessions
KyrgyzstanKyrgyzstan (KGZ), Asia98 accessions
KYYIV (UKR)Ukraine (UKR), Europe1 accessions
LALaos (LAO), Asia3 accessions
LAOLaos (LAO), Asia16 526 accessions
Lao Peoples Democratic RepublicLaos (LAO), Asia1 accessions
LaosLaos (LAO), Asia1 accessions
LAOSUnknown (UNK)1 accessions
LatviaLatvia (LVA), Europe31 accessions
LATVIALatvia (LVA), Europe2 accessions
LATVIA (LVA)Latvia (LVA), Europe3 accessions
LBNLebanon (LBN), Asia3 354 accessions
LBRLiberia (LBR), Africa3 413 accessions
LBYLibya (Libyan Arab Jamahiriya) (LBY), Africa3 163 accessions
LCASaint Lucia (LCA), North America34 accessions
LebanonLebanon (LBN), Asia205 accessions
LEBANONLebanon (LBN), Asia6 accessions
LENINGRAD PROV.Russia (RUS), Europe1 accessions
LesothoLesotho (LSO), Africa55 accessions
LiberiaLiberia (LBR), Africa21 accessions
LibyaLibya (Libyan Arab Jamahiriya) (LBY), Africa12 accessions
Libya11 accessions
lithuania1 accessions
LithuaniaLithuania (LTU), Europe45 accessions
LKASri Lanka (LKA), Asia2 397 accessions
LOVECH (BGR)Bulgaria (BGR), Europe1 accessions
LSOLesotho (LSO), Africa314 accessions
LTULithuania (LTU), Europe133 accessions
LUXLuxembourg (LUX), Europe2 accessions
LVALatvia (LVA), Europe85 accessions
MacedoniaMacedonia, Former Yugoslav Republic (MKD), Europe129 accessions
Macedonia399 accessions
MadagascarMadagascar (MDG), Africa54 accessions
MAL (MAL)92 accessions
MalawiMalawi (MWI), Africa680 accessions
MalawiAlbania (ALB), Europe134 accessions
MALAWIAlbania (ALB), Europe2 accessions
MALAWIMalawi (MWI), Africa10 accessions
Malawi (not confirmed)Malawi (MWI), Africa2 accessions
MalaysiaAlbania (ALB), Europe3 accessions
MalaysiaMalaysia (MYS), Asia43 accessions
MaldivesMaldives (MDV), Asia4 accessions
MaliAlbania (ALB), Europe246 accessions
MaliMali (MLI), Africa829 accessions
MALI (MLI)Albania (ALB), Europe9 accessions
MaltaAlbania (ALB), Europe2 accessions
MaltaMalta (MLT), Europe3 accessions
MARMorocco (MAR), Africa9 891 accessions
MAR 1 accessions
MAR 1 accessions
MauritaniaMauritania (MRT), Africa3 accessions
MauritiusMauritius (MUS), Africa7 accessions
MD.Moldova (MDA), Europe1 accessions
MDAMoldova (MDA), Europe268 accessions
MDGMadagascar (MDG), Africa4 347 accessions
MDVMaldives (MDV), Asia50 accessions
ME.Montenegro (MNE), Europe1 accessions
MERSINA (TUR)Turkey (TUR), Asia3 accessions
MEXMexico (MEX), North America50 726 accessions
MEX 1 accessions
MEX Mexico (MEX), North America14 accessions
MexicoMexico (MEX), North America83 913 accessions
MEXICOMexico (MEX), North America16 792 accessions
Mexico (MEX)29 accessions
MEXICO (MEX)Mexico (MEX), North America38 accessions
MicronesiaUnknown (UNK)1 accessions
Micronesia2 accessions
Middle Asia2 accessions
MINSK (BYS)Belarus (BLR), Europe1 accessions
MKDMacedonia, Former Yugoslav Republic (MKD), Europe1 648 accessions
MLIMali (MLI), Africa3 231 accessions
MLTMalta (MLT), Europe95 accessions
MMRMyanmar (MMR), Asia2 863 accessions
MNEMontenegro (MNE), Europe172 accessions
MNGMongolia (MNG), Asia935 accessions
MNPNorthern Mariana Islands (MNP), Oceania1 accessions
MoldovaMoldova (MDA), Europe126 accessions
MOLDOVA (MDA)Moldova (MDA), Europe7 accessions
MonacoMonaco (MCO), Europe1 accessions
MongoliaMongolia (MNG), Asia301 accessions
MONGOLIAMongolia (MNG), Asia25 accessions
MONGOLIA (MNG)Mongolia (MNG), Asia26 accessions
MontenegroMontenegro (MNE), Europe19 accessions
MontserratMontserrat (MSR), North America1 accessions
MOR1 accessions
MoroccoMorocco (MAR), Africa487 accessions
Morocco (MOR)79 accessions
MOROCCOMorocco (MAR), Africa80 accessions
MOROCCO (MOR) (MOR)12 accessions
MOZMozambique (MOZ), Africa873 accessions
MozambiqueMozambique (MOZ), Africa82 accessions
MRTMauritania (MRT), Africa34 accessions
MSRMontserrat (MSR), North America9 accessions
MTQMartinique (MTQ), North America24 accessions
MUGLA (TUR)Turkey (TUR), Asia2 accessions
MUSMauritius (MUS), Africa45 accessions
MWMalawi (MWI), Africa5 accessions
MWIMalawi (MWI), Africa3 308 accessions
MXMexico (MEX), North America11 accessions
MYAMyanmar (MMR), Asia43 accessions
MyanmarMyanmar (MMR), Asia20 accessions
MYANMAR691 accessions
MYSMalaysia (MYS), Asia5 066 accessions
NANamibia (NAM), Africa3 accessions
#N/A9 accessions
NA.Namibia (NAM), Africa56 accessions
NAMNamibia (NAM), Africa2 210 accessions
NamibiaNamibia (NAM), Africa33 accessions
NCLNew Caledonia (NCL), Oceania3 accessions
NepalNepal (NPL), Asia202 accessions
NEPALNepal (NPL), Asia4 accessions
NEPAL (NPL)Albania (ALB), Europe1 accessions
NERNiger (NER), Africa1 911 accessions
NetherlandsNetherlands (NLD), Europe376 accessions
NETHERLANDSNetherlands (NLD), Europe10 accessions
New CaledoniaAlbania (ALB), Europe2 accessions
New CaledoniaNew Caledonia (NCL), Oceania2 accessions
New GuineaGuinea (GIN), Africa1 accessions
New ZealandAlbania (ALB), Europe10 accessions
New ZealandNew Zealand (NZL), Oceania50 accessions
NEW ZEALANDNew Zealand (NZL), Oceania16 accessions
NF.Norfolk Island (NFK), Oceania3 accessions
NGNigeria (NGA), Africa2 accessions
NGANigeria (NGA), Africa8 958 accessions
NICNicaragua (NIC), North America691 accessions
NIC Nicaragua (NIC), North America9 accessions
NicaraguaNicaragua (NIC), North America5 accessions
NigerNiger (NER), Africa1 702 accessions
NigeriaNigeria (NGA), Africa3 192 accessions
NigeriaNiger (NER), Africa1 701 accessions
NIGERIANigeria (NGA), Africa2 accessions
Niger (not confirmed)Niger (NER), Africa3 accessions
NLNetherlands (NLD), Europe2 accessions
NLDNetherlands (NLD), Europe6 310 accessions
NORNorway (NOR), Europe2 257 accessions
North Africa2 accessions
North AfricaUnknown (UNK), Africa1 accessions
NORTH KOREA (PRK)Korea, North (PRK), Asia1 accessions
NorwayNorway (NOR), Europe269 accessions
NORWAYNorway (NOR), Europe4 accessions
Not availableUnknown (UNK)178 accessions
Not AvailableUnknown (UNK)146 accessions
NPLNepal (NPL), Asia9 612 accessions
NZLNew Zealand (NZL), Oceania1 467 accessions
ODESA (UKR)Ukraine (UKR), Europe3 accessions
OmanOman (OMN), Asia63 accessions
OMNOman (OMN), Asia450 accessions
PAPanama (PAN), North America1 accessions
PAKPakistan (PAK), Asia10 728 accessions
PakistanPakistan (PAK), Asia3 994 accessions
PAKISTANPakistan (PAK), Asia517 accessions
Pakistan (PAK)Pakistan (PAK), Asia1 117 accessions
PAKISTAN (PAK)Pakistan (PAK), Asia4 accessions
PALPalestinian territory, occupied (PSE), Asia65 accessions
PAL (PAL)440 accessions
PALPAL (PSE), Asia26 accessions
PalauAlbania (ALB), Europe1 accessions
PalauPalau (PLW), Oceania1 accessions
Palestinian TerritoryPalestinian territory, occupied (PSE), Asia10 accessions
PANPanama (PAN), North America971 accessions
PAN Panama (PAN), North America1 accessions
PanamaPanama (PAN), North America5 accessions
Papua New GuineaPapua New Guinea (PNG), Oceania13 accessions
Papua New GuineaGuinea (GIN), Africa5 accessions
ParaguayParaguay (PRY), South America111 accessions
PARAGUAYParaguay (PRY), South America1 accessions
PAVLODAR (KAZ)Kazakhstan (KAZ), Asia2 accessions
PEPeru (PER), South America1 accessions
PERPeru (PER), South America14 785 accessions
PER Peru (PER), South America1 178 accessions
PeruPeru (PER), South America840 accessions
PERUPeru (PER), South America5 accessions
PERU (PER)Peru (PER), South America4 accessions
PHPhilippines (PHL), Asia428 accessions
PhilippinesPhilippines (PHL), Asia235 accessions
PHILIPPINES3 accessions
PHILIPPINESPhilippines (PHL), Asia2 accessions
PHLPhilippines (PHL), Asia12 778 accessions
PHL Philippines (PHL), Asia1 accessions
PKPakistan (PAK), Asia3 accessions
PLEVEN (BGR)Bulgaria (BGR), Europe1 accessions
PLT1 accessions
PLWPalau (PLW), Oceania7 accessions
PNGPapua New Guinea (PNG), Oceania229 accessions
POLPoland (POL), Europe3 399 accessions
PolandPoland (POL), Europe537 accessions
POLANDPoland (POL), Europe11 accessions
POLAND (POL)Poland (POL), Europe17 accessions
POLTAVA (UKR)Ukraine (UKR), Europe1 accessions
PortugalPortugal (PRT), Europe365 accessions
PORTUGALPortugal (PRT), Europe29 accessions
PORTUGAL (PRT)Albania (ALB), Europe1 accessions
PRIPuerto Rico (PRI), North America392 accessions
PRKKorea, North (PRK), Asia9 411 accessions
PRTPortugal (PRT), Europe5 128 accessions
PRYParaguay (PRY), South America766 accessions
PRY Paraguay (PRY), South America70 accessions
PSEPalestinian territory, occupied (PSE), Asia55 accessions
PSEPAL (PSE), Asia32 accessions
Puerto RicoPuerto Rico (PRI), North America105 accessions
PYFFrench Polynesia (PYF), Oceania2 accessions
Republic of BeninBenin (BEN), Africa128 accessions
Republic of the CongoCongo, Republic of the (COG), Africa1 accessions
Republic of The Gambia1 accessions
Republic of YemenYemen (YEM), Asia1 accessions
Republic of Zaire7 accessions
REUReunion (REU), Africa2 accessions
Rhodesia3 accessions
RHODESIAZimbabwe (ZWE), Africa1 accessions
ROMRomania (ROU), Europe275 accessions
ROMRomania (until 2017) (ROM), Europe183 accessions
RomaniaRomania (ROU), Europe266 accessions
ROMANIARomania (ROU), Europe6 accessions
ROMANIA (ROM)Romania (ROU), Europe5 accessions
ROMANIA (ROM) (ROM)Romania (ROU), Europe1 accessions
ROURomania (ROU), Europe1 778 accessions
RURussia (RUS), Europe1 accessions
RUSRussia (RUS), Europe10 355 accessions
RussiaRussia (RUS), Europe100 accessions
RUSSIARussia (RUS), Europe59 accessions
Russia & CISs45 accessions
Russian FederationRussia (RUS), Europe1 803 accessions
Russia (RUS)1 accessions
RUSSIA (RUS)Russia (RUS), Europe135 accessions
RUSSIA (RUS), ALTAI TERRITORYAlbania (ALB), Europe2 accessions
RUSSIA (RUS) (ASIAN PART)Russia (RUS), Europe1 accessions
RUSSIA (RUS), DAGESTANRussia (RUS), Europe2 accessions
RUSSIA (RUS)(EUROPEAN PART)Russia (RUS), Europe2 accessions
RUSSIA (RUS), IRKUTSKRussia (RUS), Europe1 accessions
RUSSIA (RUS), KRASNODARRussia (RUS), Europe15 accessions
RUSSIA (RUS), KRASNODAR TERRITORYRussia (RUS), Europe1 accessions
RUSSIA (RUS), MARITIME PROVINCERussia (RUS), Europe2 accessions
RUSSIA (RUS), MOSCOW PROVINCERussia (RUS), Europe2 accessions
RUSSIA (RUS), ORENBURGRussia (RUS), Europe1 accessions
RUSSIA (RUS), ROSTOV PROVINCERussia (RUS), Europe2 accessions
RUSSIA (RUS), SARATOVRussia (RUS), Europe1 accessions
RUSSIA (RUS), STAVROPOLRussia (RUS), Europe5 accessions
RUSSIA (RUS), VORONEZH PROVINCERussia (RUS), Europe1 accessions
RWRwanda (RWA), Africa1 accessions
RWARwanda (RWA), Africa782 accessions
RwandaRwanda (RWA), Africa14 accessions
SA.Saudi Arabia (SAU), Asia15 accessions
Saint Vincent and the GrenadinesSaint Vincent and the Grenadines (VCT), North America1 accessions
SAUSaudi Arabia (SAU), Asia219 accessions
Saudi ArabiaSaudi Arabia (SAU), Asia11 accessions
SAUDI ARABIASaudi Arabia (SAU), Asia9 accessions
SC.Seychelles (SYC), Africa11 accessions
SCGSerbia And Montenegro (SCG), Europe205 accessions
SDNSudan (SDN), Africa6 549 accessions
SE.Sweden (SWE), Europe7 accessions
SENSenegal (SEN), Africa2 098 accessions
SenegalSenegal (SEN), Africa610 accessions
SerbiaSerbia (SRB), Europe126 accessions
SERBIASerbia (SRB), Europe5 accessions
SF.Unknown (UNK)1 accessions
SGPSingapore (SGP), Asia10 accessions
SH.Saint Helena (SHN), Africa4 accessions
SHNSaint Helena (SHN), Africa1 accessions
Sierra LeoneSierra Leone (SLE), Africa49 accessions
SingaporeSingapore (SGP), Asia7 accessions
SINGAPORESingapore (SGP), Asia1 accessions
SJ.Svalbard and Jan Mayen Islands (SJM), Europe5 accessions
SLBSolomon Islands (SLB), Oceania2 accessions
SLESierra Leone (SLE), Africa1 809 accessions
SlovakiaSlovak Republic (SVK), Europe19 accessions
SloveniaSlovenia (SVN), Europe19 accessions
SLVEl Salvador (SLV), North America1 213 accessions
SMRSan Marino (SMR), Europe8 accessions
SNSenegal (SEN), Africa1 accessions
Solomon IslandsSolomon Islands (SLB), Oceania1 accessions
SOMSomalia (SOM), Africa479 accessions
SomaliaSomalia (SOM), Africa25 accessions
SomaliaAlbania (ALB), Europe32 accessions
SomaliaMali (MLI), Africa19 accessions
SOMALIAAlbania (SOM), Europe9 accessions
SOMALIASomalia (SOM), Africa2 accessions
South AfricaSouth Africa (ZAF), Africa860 accessions
SOUTH AFRICASouth Africa (ZAF), Africa40 accessions
South America1 accessions
South AmericaUnknown (UNK)1 accessions
Southern EuropeUnknown (UNK), Europe1 accessions
Soviet UnionSoviet Union (SUN), Europe1 accessions
SpainSpain (ESP), Europe589 accessions
SPAINSpain (ESP), Europe38 accessions
SPAIN1 accessions
SPAIN (ESP)Spain (ESP), Europe22 accessions
SRBSerbia (SRB), Europe809 accessions
Sri LankaSri Lanka (LKA), Asia144 accessions
STPSao Tome and Principe (STP), Africa1 accessions
SU80 accessions
SUA1 accessions
SudanSudan (SDN), Africa1 647 accessions
SUDAN (SDN)Sudan (SDN), Africa1 accessions
SUNSoviet Union (SUN), Europe3 624 accessions
SUNSoviet Union (SUN)219 accessions
SURSuriname (SUR), South America199 accessions
SurinamSuriname (SUR), South America13 accessions
SurinameSuriname (SUR), South America31 accessions
SVKSlovak Republic (SVK), Europe886 accessions
SVKSlovakia (SVK), Europe788 accessions
SVNSlovenia (SVN), Europe62 accessions
SWA12 accessions
SwazilandSwaziland (SWZ), Africa39 accessions
SWESweden (SWE), Europe15 610 accessions
SwedenSweden (SWE), Europe454 accessions
SWEDENSweden (SWE), Europe29 accessions
SWEDEN (SWE)Sweden (SWE), Europe11 accessions
SwitzerlandSwitzerland (CHE), Europe192 accessions
SWITZERLANDSwitzerland (CHE), Europe2 accessions
SWITZERLAND (CH)Switzerland (CHE), Europe1 accessions
SWZSwaziland (SWZ), Africa338 accessions
SYCSeychelles (SYC), Africa2 accessions
SYRSyria (SYR), Asia13 851 accessions
SyriaSyria (SYR), Asia203 accessions
SYRIA1 accessions
SYRIASyria (SYR), Asia47 accessions
Syrian Arab RepublicSyria (SYR), Asia6 accessions
Syrian Arab Republic23 accessions
SYRIA (SYR)Syria (SYR), Asia4 accessions
SZE1 accessions
TaiwanTaiwan (TWN), Asia742 accessions
TAIWAN1 accessions
Taiwan, Province of ChinaChina (CHN), Asia13 accessions
Taiwan, Province of China3 accessions
TajikistanTajikistan (TJK), Asia176 accessions
TAJIKISTANTajikistan (TJK), Asia88 accessions
Tajikistan (TJK3 accessions
TAJIKISTAN (TJK)Tajikistan (TJK), Asia4 accessions
TanzaniaTanzania (TZA), Africa647 accessions
TANZANIATanzania (TZA), Africa33 accessions
TANZANIA (TZA)Tanzania (TZA), Africa1 accessions
TCDChad (TCD), Africa506 accessions
TCHADChad (TCD), Africa58 accessions
TGOTogo (TGO), Africa1 224 accessions
THAThailand (THA), Asia9 216 accessions
ThailandThailand (THA), Asia115 accessions
THE NETHERLANDS (NLD)Netherlands (NLD), Europe6 accessions
TJKTajikistan (TJK), Asia4 815 accessions
TKMTurkmenistan (TKM), Asia945 accessions
TogoTogo (TGO), Africa311 accessions
TOGOTogo (TGO), Africa98 accessions
TONTonga (TON), Oceania5 accessions
TRTurkey (TUR), Asia22 accessions
Trinidad and TobagoTrinidad and Tobago (TTO), North America21 accessions
TTOTrinidad and Tobago (TTO), North America180 accessions
TUNTunisia (TUN), Africa8 126 accessions
TunisiaTunisia (TUN), Africa251 accessions
TUNISIATunisia (TUN), Africa102 accessions
TUNISIA (TUN)Tunisia (TUN), Africa1 accessions
TURTurkey (TUR), Asia30 393 accessions
TurkeyTurkey (TUR), Asia3 405 accessions
TURKEYTurkey (TUR), Asia3 111 accessions
Turkey (TUR)1 accessions
TURKEY (TUR)Turkey (TUR), Asia85 accessions
Turkistan4 accessions
TurkistanTurkmenistan (TKM), Asia3 accessions
TurkmenistanTurkmenistan (TKM), Asia22 accessions
TUVTuvalu (TUV), Oceania1 accessions
TWNTaiwan (TWN), Asia13 628 accessions
TZTanzania (TZA), Africa1 accessions
TZATanzania (TZA), Africa5 671 accessions
TZA 9 accessions
UGAUganda (UGA), Africa4 171 accessions
UgandaUganda (UGA), Africa498 accessions
UGANDAUganda (UGA), Africa2 accessions
UKN1 accessions
UKRUkraine (UKR), Europe4 796 accessions
UkraineUkraine (UKR), Europe603 accessions
UKRAINEUkraine (UKR), Europe274 accessions
Ukraine (UKR)1 accessions
UKRAINE (UKR)Ukraine (UKR), Europe47 accessions
UKRAINE (UKR), MONTENEGROUkraine (UKR), Europe1 accessions
UKRAINE (UKR), ODESSA PROVINCEUkraine (UKR), Europe4 accessions
UKRAINE (UKR), TRANSCARPATHIAUkraine (UKR), Europe1 accessions
Uncertain134 accessions
UncertainUnknown (UNK)380 accessions
UngaryHungary (HUN), Europe1 accessions
Union of Soviet SocialistAlbania (ALB), Europe11 accessions
Union of Soviet SocialistSoviet Union (SUN), Europe7 accessions
Union of Soviet Socialist Republics10 accessions
United Arab EmiratesUnited Arab Emirates (ARE), Asia5 accessions
United KingdomUnited Kingdom (GBR), Europe430 accessions
UNITED KINGDOMUnited Kingdom (GBR), Europe77 accessions
United State of AmericaUnited States (USA), North America461 accessions
United StatesUnited States (USA), North America12 652 accessions
UNITED STATESUnited States (USA), North America776 accessions
United States of America344 accessions
United States of AmericaUnited States (USA), North America868 accessions
UNKUnknown (UNK)28 882 accessions
unknown154 accessions
UnknownUnknown (UNK)456 accessions
UNKNOWNUnknown (UNK)913 accessions
URG1 accessions
UruguayUruguay (URY), South America141 accessions
URUGUAYUruguay (URY), South America3 accessions
URYUruguay (URY), South America1 427 accessions
URY Uruguay (URY), South America4 accessions
USUnited States (USA), North America1 accessions
USAUnited States (USA), North America36 967 accessions
USA United States (USA), North America13 accessions
USSR7 accessions
UZBUzbekistan (UZB), Asia2 327 accessions
UzbekistanUzbekistan (UZB), Asia163 accessions
UZBEKISTANUzbekistan (UZB), Asia8 accessions
Uzbekistan (UZB27 accessions
UZBEKISTAN (UZBUzbekistan (UZB), Asia1 accessions
UZBEKISTAN (UZB)Uzbekistan (UZB), Asia11 accessions
VanuatuVanuatu (VUT), Oceania1 accessions
VCTSaint Vincent and the Grenadines (VCT), North America41 accessions
VENVenezuela (VEN), South America3 699 accessions
VEN Venezuela (VEN), South America28 accessions
VenezuelaVenezuela (VEN), South America63 accessions
VENEZUELAVenezuela (VEN), South America1 accessions
VGBBritish Virgin Islands (VGB), North America55 accessions
VietnamVietnam (VNM), Asia475 accessions
Viet NamVietnam (VNM), Asia2 accessions
VIRVirgin Islands (VIR), North America21 accessions
Virgin Islands (U.S.)Virgin Islands (VIR), North America10 accessions
VNMVietnam (VNM), Asia5 929 accessions
VUTVanuatu (VUT), Oceania3 accessions
WE.Unknown (UNK)138 accessions
West Africa13 accessions
Western Asia1 accessions
Western AsiaUnknown (UNK)1 accessions
WSMSamoa (WSM), Oceania1 accessions
XAGICARDA (Region of Center) (XAG)5 081 accessions
XKXKosovo (XKX), Europe11 accessions
XXXUnknown (XXX)4 055 accessions
YEMYemen (YEM), Asia4 682 accessions
YemenYemen (YEM), Asia1 834 accessions
Yemen Republic ofYemen Democratic Republic (former) (YMD), Asia7 accessions
Yemen, Republic of36 accessions
Yemen republicublic ofYemen (YEM), Asia7 accessions
YMDYemen Democratic Republic (former) (YMD), Asia11 accessions
YUSerbia and Montenegro (YUG), Europe2 accessions
YUGYugoslavia (former) (YUG), Europe82 accessions
YUGSerbia and Montenegro (YUG), Europe716 accessions
YugoslaviaSerbia and Montenegro (YUG), Europe265 accessions
YUGOSLAVIASerbia and Montenegro (YUG), Europe13 accessions
YUGOSLAVIA (YUG)Serbia and Montenegro (YUG), Europe13 accessions
YUGOSLAVIA (YUG), MONTENEGROSerbia and Montenegro (YUG), Europe4 accessions
YUGOSLAVIA (YUG), SERBIASerbia and Montenegro (YUG), Europe3 accessions
ZASouth Africa (ZAF), Africa1 accessions
ZAFSouth Africa (ZAF), Africa2 920 accessions
ZaireZaire (ZAR), Africa34 accessions
ZaireCongo, Democratic Republic of the (COD), Africa51 accessions
ZambiaZambia (ZMB), Africa830 accessions
ZAMBIAZambia (ZMB), Africa13 accessions
ZARZaire (ZAR)6 accessions
ZARZaire (ZAR), Africa184 accessions
ZIMZimbabwe (ZWE), Africa1 accessions
ZimbabweZimbabwe (ZWE), Africa798 accessions
ZIMBABWEZimbabwe (ZWE), Africa3 accessions
ZMBZambia (ZMB), Africa3 671 accessions
ZWZimbabwe (ZWE), Africa5 accessions
ZWEZimbabwe (ZWE), Africa7 139 accessions
18 895 accessions
Unknown (UNK)9 810 accessions

NB! Note that the column for Number of seeds may hold empty values (or too low values) when the number od seeds of the deposited seed samples are not reported by the seed depositor.

Select the values of the Seed samples column to display a list of accessions deposited from each country (country of collecting or source).