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Preparation of the seed shipment from Centro Internacional de Agricultura Tropical (CIAT) in Columbia for Svalbard. Photo by CIAT

Depositors and Material

This list includes depositors with seed samples shipped for safe storage at SGSV. The sort order of the list is by the current reported number of accessions (seed samples).

Note that this is the dynamic version of the list presented under the [Information sharing] tab. This dynamic list will take much longer time to load, but you may want to verify that the values calculated for the cached version is up-to-date.

Depositor institute Institute code (WIEWS) Seed samples safe duplicated at SGSV (accessions) Number of taxa
Centro Internacional de Mejoramiento de Maíz y Trigo CIMMYT MEX002 80 492 accessions 12 taxa
International Rice Research Institute IRRI PHL001 70 180 accessions 50 taxa
International Centre for Agricultural Research in Dry Areas ICARDA SYR002 62 834 accessions 454 taxa
Centro Internacional de Agricultura Tropical CIAT COL003 34 111 accessions 503 taxa
National Plant Germplasm System NPGS USA996 30 868 accessions 934 taxa
Leibniz Institute of Plant Genetics and Crop Plant Research IPK DEU146 20 551 accessions 2 275 taxa
International Crop Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics ICRISAT IND002 20 003 accessions 7 taxa
Centre for Genetic Resources CGN NLD037 18 212 accessions 224 taxa
National Agrobiodiversity Center NAC KOR043 13 185 accessions 36 taxa
Nordic Genetic Resource Center NORDGEN SWE054 12 698 accessions 289 taxa
International Institute of Tropical Agriculture IITA NGA057 11 414 accessions 50 taxa
Plant Gene Resources of Canada PGRC CAN004 9 233 accessions 193 taxa
The World Vegetable Center AVRDC TWN001 7 350 accessions 73 taxa
Centro Internacional de la Papa CIP PER001 5 847 accessions 189 taxa
Upland Inland Swamp Continuum Rice Research Program ? ? ? WARDA CIV039 5 404 accessions 4 taxa
International Livestock Research Institute ILRI ETH013 4 008 accessions 515 taxa
Agroscope Changins Agroscope Changins CHE001 3 845 accessions 3 taxa
Research Group External Branch North of the Department Genebank, IPK, Oil Plants and Fodder Crops in Malchow IPK DEU271 1 799 accessions 83 taxa
Plant Genetic Resources Institute, National Agricultural Research Centre PGRI-NARC PAK001 1 597 accessions 13 taxa
National Genebank of Kenya NGBK KEN015 1 314 accessions 6 taxa
N.I. Vavilov All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Plant Industry VIR RUS001 945 accessions 111 taxa
Oak Park Research Centre AFT IRL001 577 accessions 7 taxa
World Agroforestry Centre ICRAF KEN023 508 accessions 131 taxa
Institute of Plant Breeding, College of Agriculture, University of the Philippines, Los Baños College IPB-UPLB PHL005 500 accessions 4 taxa
Seed Savers Exchange SSE USA974 485 accessions 27 taxa
Department of Agriculture, Food and Rural Development DAFF IRL029 100 accessions 4 taxa

Total 26 depositor institutes registred

Select the values in the Depositor Institute column to display information about the depositor institute from WIEWS. Select the values of the Seed samples column to display a list of accessions deposited from each genebank institute