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Cowpea seeds. Photo by IITA.
Cowpea seeds. Photo by IITA.

List of taxa as reported from the seed depositor

This is the list of taxa as reported from Agroscope Changins (Agroscope Changins).You will find more information about CHE001 from the FAO WIEWS database.The taxon names listed as full scientific name are displayed as reported by the seed depositor.

Institute code (WIEWS) Full scientific nameSeed samples safe duplicated at SGSV (accessions)
CHE001 Triticum 5,739 accessions
CHE001 Triticum spelta 2,257 accessions
CHE001 xTriticosecale 1,065 accessions
CHE001 Hordeum vulgare 796 accessions
CHE001 Triticum aestivum 404 accessions
CHE001 Zea Mays 398 accessions
CHE001 Secale cereale 117 accessions
CHE001 Aegilops 74 accessions
CHE001 Avena sativa 37 accessions
CHE001 Salvia sclarea 2 accessions
CHE001 Triticum durum 1 accessions
CHE001 Secale cereale 1 accessions
CHE001 Petroselinum crispum 1 accessions

Totally 13 taxa from depositor CHE001 is registred

Select the values in the Depositor Institute column to display information about the depositor institute from WIEWS. Select the values of the Seed samples column to display a list of accessions deposited from the depositor institute.