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SGSV by accessions (status March 2009)
This an illustration map showing the country of collection or source (country of origin) for the seed samples (genebank accessions) deposited at the Svalbard Global Seed Vault (status per March 2009). Photo by Dag Endresen

Detailed information sharing

This page provides a detailed list of more spesific information sharing reports from the SGSV. Information on the depositors and material stored at the SGSV facility pre-formatted for the reporting to the Crop Diversity Trust or the FAO WIEWS information system, etc.

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A complete list of all the seed samples deposited at SGSV

A raw data dump for all seed samples at SGSV. NB! Note that this file is rather large! You are adviced to right click the link and select Save Link As ..., to avoid your browser to attempt to open this large file in a browser window!

Detailed depositor and material report

This is a report format requested by the Crop Diversity Trust to follow up on individual seed deposits.

Reports for the FAO WIEWS information system

Reports on seed samples deposited a SGSV following the FAO WIEWS reporting format. The reported full scientific name is split by genus and lower epithet. The country is reported as the 3-letter ISO codes. Note that the Biological status of sample (STATUS) is missing from the WIEWS reports as this concept is not part of the SGSV data template.
  • WIEWS report: by genus names   [Download]
  • WIEWS report: by species names   [Download]
  • WIEWS report: genus, species epithet, infraspesific epithet and authority   [Download]
  • WIEWS report: raw data (as reported by depositor)   [Download]