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Seed boxes on the shelves in the Vault. Photo by Mari Tefre/Global Crop Diversity Trust

Depositors and Material

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A total number of 992 032 accessions and 647 072 184 seeds have been stored at the Svalbard Global Seed vault (SGSV).

Depositor instituteInstitute code (WIEWS) Seed samples safe duplicated at SGSV (accessions) Number of taxa
Centro Internacional de Mejoramiento de Maíz y Trigo CIMMYT MEX002 158 218 accessions 41 taxa
International Rice Research Institute IRRI PHL001 125 493 accessions 67 taxa
National Plant Germplasm System NPGS USA996 120 745 accessions 2 414 taxa
International Crop Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics ICRISAT IND002 111 173 accessions 14 taxa
International Centre for Agricultural Research in Dry Areas ICARDA SYR002 71 229 accessions 351 taxa
Centro Internacional de Agricultura Tropical CIAT COL003 56 264 accessions 702 taxa
Leibniz Institute of Plant Genetics and Crop Plant Research IPK DEU146 54 209 accessions 5 255 taxa
Plant Gene Resources of Canada PGRC CAN004 31 955 accessions 476 taxa
Australian Pastures Genebank APG AUS167 28 493 accessions 1 050 taxa
Nordic Genetic Resource Center NORDGEN SWE054 24 864 accessions 594 taxa
International Institute of Tropical Agriculture IITA NGA057 22 268 accessions 65 taxa
Centre for Genetic Resources CGN NLD037 20 238 accessions 405 taxa
Africa Rice Center AfricaRice BEN089 17 700 accessions 14 taxa
Australian Grains Genebank AGG AUS165 16 769 accessions 226 taxa
The World Vegetable Center AVRDC TWN001 16 622 accessions 194 taxa
National Agrobiodiversity Center NAC KOR043 13 185 accessions 36 taxa
Taiwan Agricultural Research Institute TARI TWN006 10 503 accessions 15 taxa
Agroscope Changins Agroscope Changins CHE001 10 377 accessions 13 taxa
Centro Internacional de la Papa CIP PER001 9 206 accessions 702 taxa
N.I. Vavilov All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Plant Industry VIR RUS001 6 082 accessions 471 taxa
International Livestock Research Institute ILRI ETH013 5 724 accessions 786 taxa
Pyongyang AAS AAS PRK013 5 700 accessions 2 taxa
Barley and Wild Plant Resources Center, National University Corporation Okayama University BWPRC JPN009 5 268 accessions 1 taxa
SADC Plant Genetic Resources Centre SPGRC ZMB030 5 244 accessions 14 taxa
Plant Genetic Resources Institute, National Agricultural Research Centre PGRI-NARC PAK001 4 622 accessions 22 taxa
Seed Savers Exchange SSE USA974 3 893 accessions 117 taxa
Institute of Plant Production n.a. V.Y. Yurjev of UAAS UAAS UKR001 2 782 accessions 45 taxa
National Plant Genetic Resources Laboratory NPGRL PHL129 2 254 accessions 10 taxa
Uzbek Research Institute of Plant Industry UzRIPI UZB006 2 038 accessions 191 taxa
Margot Forde Forage Germplasm Centre, AgResearch Ltd AGRESEARCH NZL001 1 921 accessions 128 taxa
Republican National Genetic Resource Center NRCGR TJK027 1 646 accessions 2 taxa
Genetic Resources Institute of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences AGRI AZE015 1 522 accessions 194 taxa
Agricultural Plant Genetic Resources Conservation and Research Centre ARC SDN002 1 512 accessions 10 taxa
Austrian Agency for Health and Food Safety AGES AUT001 1 457 accessions 334 taxa
The Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation EMBRAPA BRA008 1 319 accessions 3 taxa
Centro Agronómico Tropical de Investigación y Enseñanza CATIE CRI001 1 314 accessions 59 taxa
National Genebank of Kenya NGBK KEN015 1 314 accessions 6 taxa
Universidad Nacional Agraria La Molina UNALM PER002 1 296 accessions 1 taxa
Crop Research Institute CRI CZE122 1 168 accessions 140 taxa
World Agroforestry Centre ICRAF KEN023 1 095 accessions 209 taxa
Indonesian Center for Agricultural Biotechnology and Genetic Resources Research and Biotechnology ICABIOGRAD IDN179 1 050 accessions 2 taxa
The James Hutton Institute JHI GBR251 1 033 accessions 111 taxa
Institute for Plant Genetic Resources K. Malkov IPGRBG BGR001 933 accessions 50 taxa
Genetic Resources Institute, University of Banjaluka GRIBL BIH039 921 accessions 133 taxa
Institute of Creal Crop Improvement, Tel Aviv University ICCI ISR003 900 accessions 4 taxa
Nigeria National Centre for Genetic Resources and Biotechnology NACGRAB NGA010 800 accessions 5 taxa
National Agricultural Research Organization NARO UGA031 777 accessions 13 taxa
Parque de la Papa PdeP PER862 750 accessions 6 taxa
Biotechnology, Plant Genetic Resources and Plant Protection Division MPGRPPD MMR003 718 accessions 17 taxa
Plant Production Research Center Piestany SVKPIEST SVK001 630 accessions 28 taxa
Oak Park Research Centre AFT IRL001 577 accessions 7 taxa
Agricultural Research Institute of Burundi ISABU BDI003 439 accessions 14 taxa
Plant Breeding and Acclimatization Institute IHAR POL003 406 accessions 30 taxa
Department of Agriculture, Food and Rural Development DAFF IRL029 396 accessions 69 taxa
Scientific Practical Centre of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus for Arable Farming RPCNASBAF BLR011 341 accessions 3 taxa
I. Lamouri Research Institute of Farming TAVTAVI GEO001 305 accessions 84 taxa
Portuguese Bank of Plant Germplasm BPGV-DRAEDM PRT001 229 accessions 2 taxa
National Bureau of Plant Genetic Resources India NBPGR IND001 225 accessions 3 taxa
The Norwegian Forest Seed Centre NFSC NOR056 208 accessions 2 taxa
Armenian State Agrarian University, Laboratory of plant gene pool and breeding LPGPB ARM035 175 accessions 22 taxa
Instituto Nacional Autónomo de Investigaciónes Agropecuarias INIAP ECU076 168 accessions 1 taxa
National Rice Seed Storage Laboratory for Genetic Resources NRSSL THA012 167 accessions 1 taxa
Plant Science Agricultural Research and Training Institute PSARTI MNG030 160 accessions 65 taxa
Institut d'Economie Rurale IER MLI002 158 accessions 2 taxa
Chai Nat Field Crops Research Center CN FCRC THA214 150 accessions 3 taxa
Instituto de Investigaciones Agropecuarias INIA CHL044 145 accessions 4 taxa
Desert Legume Program DELEP USA971 134 accessions 95 taxa
Estonian Crop Research Institute ETKI EST019 133 accessions 29 taxa
Agricultural University of Georgia AUG GEO028 120 accessions 2 taxa
Warwick Genetic Resources Unit HRIGRU GBR006 101 accessions 18 taxa
Department of Agriculture, Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperation DOAGB THA032 32 accessions 12 taxa
National Agricultural Research Foundation Greece NAGREF GRC035 25 accessions 1 taxa
The Chaipattana Foundation CHAIPAT THA513 20 accessions 17 taxa
Natural Resources Institute Finland Luke FIN027 7 accessions 2 taxa
Temasek Life Sciences Laboratory Limited TLL SGP008 7 accessions 2 taxa
Universidad de Costa Rica UCR-CIA CRI092 6 accessions 6 taxa
National Institute for Agricultural Research INRA FRA040 2 accessions 1 taxa
Lombardy Seed Bank, Botanical Garden, University of Pavia LSB ITA411 2 accessions 1 taxa

Total 78 depositor institutes registred

This list includes depositors with seed samples shipped for safe storage at SGSV. The sort order of the list is by the current reported number of accessions (seed samples).

Select the values in the Depositor Institute column to display information about the depositor institute from WIEWS. Select the values of the Seed samples column to display a list of accessions deposited from each genebank institute. Select the column title for list sort order.