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Konferenser och postrar

  • Palmé A. (2012) Regeneration of forage crops at NordGen: maintaining genetic integrity. Talk in the NOFOCGRAN workshop, Aarhus, Denmark, 9-11 May.
  • Palmé A. (2012) Utilizing crop wild relatives in the Baltic Sea region: Some initial findings in the EU-project “PGR Secure”. Talk in the conference ”Plant Breeding and Agriculture: Strategies for Healthy Lifestyle”, Stende, Latvia, May 30 – June 1.
  • Palmé A, Solberg S Ø, Ottosson F, Poulsen G, Frese L and Kik C. (2013) Constraints in the Utilization of Plant Genetic Resources in the Nordic Countries. Poster in the EUCARPIA Generic resource section meeting, Alnarp, Sweden, June 10-13.
  • Palmé A, Marum P, Öhlund L, Leino M, Hagenblad J, Solberg S Ø, Asdal Å. (2014) Genetic consequences of ex situ and in situ conservation of plant genetic resources: An on-going study in red clover (Trifolium pratense). Poster in the conference “Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture in a Changing Climate”, Lillehammer, Norway, January 27-29.
  • Frese L, Palmé A, Neuhaus G, Kik C. (2014) On the conservation and sustainable use of plant genetic resources in Europe: a stakeholder analysis (A. Palmé presenting author). Talk in the conference “Enhanced genepool utilization ‒ Capturing wild relative and landrace diversity for crop improvement”, NIAB Innovation Farm, Cambridge, UK, June 16–20.
  • Frese L, Palmé A, Kik C. (2014) Towards an improved European Plant Germplasm System (A. Palmé presenting author). Poster in conference: Third Nordic International Conference on Climate Change Adaptation: Adapting to Change: From Research to Decision-making”, Copenhagen, Denmark, August 25-27.
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