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For Svalbard Tourists

Private visits inside the Svalbard Global Seed Vault are, due to strict security routines, not allowed. However, while in Longyearbyen and in Svalbard, we recommend to visit the Seed Vault entrance for a selfie and to visit the informative exhibition about the Seed Vault at Svalbard Museum.

Visiting the Seed Vault Portal gives you spectacular views and the feeling of being in a very special and important place.

Not very surprising, NordGen receives quite frequently requests for a Seed Vault tour from people visiting Svalbard. Private requests for visiting the Seed Vault interior are rejected, however, there are no restrictions on private tours to the exterior of the Seed Vault.

Curator Sander Solnes at Svalbard Museum, at the Seed Vault exhibition, including a Seed Vault miniature model.

Tourists can go by themselves all the way up to the Seed Vault, or they can hire a taxi or join a touristic tour in Longyearbyen surroundings, that includes a short visit to the Seed Vault entrance. Information can be found and tours booked at the Tourist information office in Longyarbyen. Actually, local tourist guides have been trained for giving correct and informative information about the Seed Vault.

Piece of art

Photos can be taken at and around the Seed Vault portal. Be however aware that images including the remarkable piece of art; Perpetual repercussion, that adorn the entrance, cannot be used for commercial purposes without permission from the artist Dyveke Sanne. Especially, in darkness, the view of the lightning art at the entrance is fabulous, – if you are lucky, together with the northern light.

The exhibition in Svalbard Museum gives background information about the importance of plant genetic resources for humankind, and about the role that the Seed Vault plays in conservation and use of these resources. As the only place in the world, a limited selection of Svalbard Global Seed Vault souvenirs can be bought in Svalbard museum. Books about the Seed Vault are also available at the museum shop.