FAO and NordGen in Collaboration on a Cryoconservation Webinar Series

The first webinar of ten on cryoconservation of animal genetic resources will take place on 18 May.

Where the Nordic Mountain Cattle Are Given a Voice

Knowledge transfer is an important part of the cross-disciplinary 3MC project. Recently, a seminar, which was arranged in collaboration with the Museum of Torne Valley, was organized to increase awareness of Nordic mountain cattle

besökaren betraktar utställningen om nordiska fjällboskap

Multidisciplinary Project Showcases Findings at Museum Exhibition – Increased Awareness About Endangered Nordic Mountain Cattle

Den 8 april öppnar en ny utställning med det tvärvetenskapliga 3MC-projektet, som leds av NordGen.

Successful thematic day in Silkeborg

Around 50 participants took part in this year’s first NordGen Forest thematic day, which was held in Silkeborg in Denmark.

New Knowledge Center for Biodiversity in Agriculture and Forestry Inaugurated by Nordic Ministers

Sweden's Minister for Rural Affairs, Anna-Caren Sätherberg, and two Nordic colleagues attended when NordGen's new head office and knowledge center was inaugurated in Alnarp.

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Potato Backup Inaugurated – Varieties Important for Future Agriculture Safeguarded in Tyrnävä.

The Backup of the Nordic potato collection was recently inaugurated by the Finnish Minister of Agriculture and Forestry.

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Crop Wild Relatives Important for Climate Adaptation of Agriculture – 19 New Nordic Species Prioritized

Wild relatives to potato, wheat and timothy are some examples among the 19 new prioritized species.

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