Rödklöver i Norge

NordGen’s red clover collection carries properties important for the development of persistent forage legumes

In the Arctic Clover project, wild populations and landraces from NordGen’s collection of red clover have been compared with commercial varieties. A new scientific article shows that the genebank material carries important properties that can be used to produce better...

Close-up picture that shows phase in somatic embryogenesis.

Thematic Day on Forest Plant Production Attracted Many Participants

Four speakers talked about their experiences with somatic embryogenesis and cuttings propagation in forest plant production when NordGen Forests theme day was arranged recently.

Image of woman sitting at her workdesk looking intp the camera and smiling

Mervi Honkatukia Builds New Future for Northern Indigenous Cattle

Not to give up. That is NordGen Section Leader Mervi Honkatukia's motto in the research and conservation of indigenous cattle breeds.

person holding a sample

NordFrost will Pave the Way for Joint Guidelines on Cryo in the Nordic Region

In a new project called NordFrost, which NordGen is coordinating, stakeholders will develop a regional action plan for Nordic cryopreservation programmes.

Wild strawberries with red berries and green leaves.

Seeds from Strawberries Safeguarded for the Future at Svalbard Global Seed Vault

In the first 2021 opening of the Svalbard Global Seed Vault, NordGen deposited seeds from five different genebanks.

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Portrait of a woman reseaching old documents and books at at table, looking into the camera and smiling

Hilja Solala is Investigating the Common Origins of the Nordic Mountain Cattle

History researcher Hilja Solala is part of a research team consisting of experts working together to gather and disseminate knowledge about the common origins Nordic mountain cattle breeds.

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Close-up of a wheat plant with rust in the shape of small yellow dots.

New Round of PPP-projects Approved

Three new projects have been approved in the fifth round of PPP-funding. The focus of the projects are spring wheat, phenotypic technology and apples.

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