New Research: Co-operation and Participation Are Crucial to Safeguard Our Nordic Native Breeds

A recent study points to the need of creating dialogue and easing bureaucratic obstacles; making sure that the farmers are motivated is vital for conserving genetic diversity.

New Report From NordGen Forest Compiles Statistics on Forest Seeds and Plants in the Nordic Region

Statistics is needed to understand the development in forestry. Recently, the report “Statistics: Forest Seeds and Plants in the Nordic Region” was published by NordGen Forest.

Svalbard Global Seed Vault

Announcing Support to Back up Crop Collections in the Svalbard Global Seed Vault

Genebanks and other crop collection holders in low- and middle-income countries can now apply for grants to regenerate and back-up their crop diversity collections in the Svalbard Global Seed Vault.

Arkivbild av direktsådd tall.

Climate Change Adaptation and Young Researchers Highlighted During NordGen Forest’s Conference

About 90 people from the forest sector participated in the digital conference arranged by NordGen Forest. During the conference, 15 lecturers gave presentations over two days.

Parts of the pea cultivation at the test location in Tromsø, northern Norway 2018.

Arctic Pea Cultivation Possible According to New Research – Green Harvest Was Taken at 69°N

Results from NordGen's research project Arctic Pea is now published. The study shows that it is possible to cultivate peas as far north as in Norwegian Tromsø.

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Finncattle by the river

Traditional Grazing: Native Breeds Are Vital for the Nordic Biodiversity

Why are native breeds so well suited to taking care of endangered biotopes? And can a cow really replace mechanical clearing of bushes? Ilmari Majuri, the owner of the Oukamäki farm and a well-known advocate of native Finncattle breeds, talks...

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Selfie på hemmakontor forskare Maria Kjetså sitter vid sitt bord framför två skärmar och tittar in i kamerran

Maria Kjetså Helps Breeders Make Better Choices to Safeguard Genetic Diversity

Modern genetics and history meet in researcher Maria Kjetså’s work in the interdisciplinary project "3MC – Nordic mountain cattle".

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