Calendar for Seed Vault Openings

The Svalbard Global Seed Vault is normally opened for new seed deposits three times each year. The so called Seed Vault Openings, are announced well in advance, and potential seed depositors are recommended to plan their seed production, packing and shipments of seeds in accordance with these dates. Dates for Seed Vault Openings and any other important events can be found below.

Seed boxes from gene bank collections are brought into the Seed Vault at three or more occasions during the year.


For 2018 the first Seed Vault opening for seed deposits will take place during the celebration of the 10 year anniversary in the end of February. More than 20 gene banks will take the opportunity to deposit seeds at this occasion. The Norwegian Minister of Agriculture and Food Jon Georg Dale will lead the significant ten year anniversary seed deposit on the 26th of February.

Due to ongoing construction improvements, the usual spring opening in April/May will not be conducted this year. Next Seed Vault opening and option for shipping seeds to the Vault will be by the end of October. Dates will be announced.

In 2017, seeds were taken into the Vault at four occasions, in February, May, September and October.