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Svalbard Global Seed Vault is the ultimate security storage for the world’s crop diversity. The Seed Vault conserves duplicates of seed samples that are conserved in gene banks all over the world.

The Svalbard Global Seed Vault secures conservation of the world’s most important plant genetic resources for food and agriculture with a maximum level of security. The Seed Vault offers free-of-charge back-up for the seed collections held in seedbanks around the world.

Svalbard is a remote and secure, but still accessible location. The safety of the seed samples is ensured by the thick sandstone rock surrounding them, and their long-term survival is ensured by the permafrost conditions that maintain the airtight seed samples well below freezing, even in the event that the mechanical cooling (-18°C ) should fail.

Operated by NordGen

The Nordic Genetic Resource Center is responsible for the operation and management of the Svalbard Global Seed Vault, including cooperation with depositing gene banks, handling of seeds, databases and information. NordGen’s operative responsibility for the Seed Vault is conducted in accordance with an agreement with our partners; the Norwegian Ministry of Agriculture and Food and the Global Crop Diversity Trust.

Svalbard office of Statsbyggs (national authority for management of governmental estate) is responsible for day by day surveillance and maintenance of the Seed Vault. Management of the Seed Vault is funded by the Norwegian Ministry for Agriculture and Food, Crop Trust and NordGen.

Official webpage

For general information visit the official webpage of the Seed Vault.

The Seed Portal

Are you interested in depositing seeds in the Seed Vault, have look at this page. Are you interested in information about the seed samples currently stored in the Seed Vault, visit the Seed Portal.


You can watch interesting videos about the Seed Vault on this page