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Share a box of biodiversity!

Date: 03.12.2019 Author: Merete Madslund Category: Plants

Biological diversity is a prerequisite for life on earth. NordGen’s mission is to conserve this diversity and prevent that genetic diversity important for our food production disappears. Now, you have the opportunity to help us! By buying a gift box containing vegetable seeds that are a part of the Nordic green heritage you support our work. This year, you are also able to choose a gift box containing flower seeds. 

Is it a gift box for yourself or for someone you care about? Nonetheless, your purchase of a box of seeds leads to NordGen being able to do an even better job conserving the Nordic genetic resources and promote the sustainable use of them.  You can choose a gift box from each of the Nordic countries, including two seed pouches as well as a gift card with text on that country’s language, for 249 SEK including package and freight.  You are also able to buy a Nordic seed package, with the text of the card in English.

New this year is a package with four flower seed packages and all text written in Swedish.

Considering NordGen being a genebank following international agreements you need to be aware that you are not allowed to sell the seeds to a third party. Read the full terms for buying the seeds here. 

Follow this link to enter the webshop (only available in Scandinavian languages and Finnish) and read more about what kind of seeds the different gift boxes contain. 

Please note that the last date for purchase is 15 December 2019.