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Sculpture of the letters FAO with the O as the ring of the SDG-goals. Roman background.

Updated Nordic approach on access and rights to genetic resources presented at FAO in Rome

NordGen participated in the Governing Body of the International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture this week. The meeting took place at FAO's head quarter in Rome.

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The Importance of Wild Plant Species for Food Security in Focus During Workshop – Actions Are Needed to Conserve the Crop Wild Relatives

The presentations included topics as the impact of climate change on crop wild relatives and successful examples from plant breeders.

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Peas studied in a microscope in NordGen's seed lab.

NordGen Granted Million-Dollar Project to Increase Knowledge About Plant-Based Protein Sources

The project focuses on 4500 protein crops from the Nordic seed collection, such as peas, beans, lentils, and clover, that will be genotyped and phenotyped.

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Photo of a pea flower

Nordic Ministers Updated on Expert Report About Genetic Resources

NordGen was attending the annual summer meeting of the Nordic ministers for forestry, agriculture, fisheries and food. Among other things, the ministers were informed about a new report on access and rights to genetic resources.

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Biodiversity of Native Farm Animal Breeds Needs to Be Safeguarded for Future Challenges

A wide diversity of landraces is important for Nordic agriculture to be able to adapt to future, yet unknown, challenges.

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Drone photo of the oat cultivation.

Unique Collaboration Gathers New Knowledge About the Nordic Oat Collection – Nearly 800 Oat Varieties to Be Characterized

To gain more knowledge about the cultivation traits of the Nordic oat varieties, NordGen collaborates with several actors in an ongoing project.

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Crucial genebank collection in Ukraine moved to safe location far from the war

NordGen coordinated emergency support to the genebank in Charkiv when the war started. Now, the entire collection has been successfully moved to a safe location.

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Bild av röd sommaraster

Reduced Imports and Preserved Cultural Heritage Are Important Driving Forces in New Projects on Cut Flowers and Garden Angelica

This summer, 20 cut flower varieties from NordGen will be test cultivated in four Nordic countries.

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Four New Genebanks Deposited Seeds for the First Time as the Seed Vault’s 15th Anniversary Was Marked

During the Vault's first 15 years, backup copies of more than 1.2 million seed samples from almost 100 different genebanks have been secured in Svalbard Global Seed Vault.

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Future Challenges for Plant Breeding and the Need for Plant Genetic Resources in Focus as NordGen Arranged PPP Conference

During two days, researchers and professionals working with genetic resources and plant breeding gather for a knowledge exchange within a Nordic context.

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