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Parts of the pea cultivation at the test location in Tromsø, northern Norway 2018.

Arctic pea cultivation possible according to new research – green harvest was taken at 69°N

Results from NordGen's research project Arctic Pea is now published. The study shows that it is possible to cultivate peas as far north as in Norwegian Tromsø.

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NordGen Releases Plan for Conservation of the Nordic Bee

PRESS RELEASE Today, on the International Day for Biological Diversity, NordGen releases an updated plan of action for the conservation of the Nordic Brown Bee. The goal of the plan is to, in cooperation with beekeepers in the Nordic countries,...

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NordGen Council for Farm Animal Genetic Resources met in Iceland

This September, the members of NordGen’s council for farm animal genetic resources met in Reykjavik to exchange perspectives from the different Nordic countries. The NordGen Council for Farm Animal Genetic Resources gives NordGen advice on different matters concerning our operations....

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