June 2023


NordGen-day in Alnarp

As NordGen celebrates its 15-years anniversary, collaboration partners are invited to visit us in Alnarp. More information will follow.

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May 2023


Forage Working Group Meeting

Representatives from the Nordic countries in NordGen's working group on forage plants meet in Alnarp.

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Meeting in the forage working group

The members meet to discuss current matters.

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CWR Working Group Meeting

Nordic representatives meet at NordGen Head Office to discuss crop wild relatives.

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April 2023


2nd GENBIS SOP Workshop

The topic of the workshop is the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) för GENBIS.

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Spring meeting for the cereal technical group

The cereal technical working group arrange their spring meeting.

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March 2023


Meeting in the working group for ornamentals and aromatic plants

Representatives from the entire Nordic region meet in Alnarp to discuss relevant issues.

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February 2023


NordGen PPP Conference

This conference will focus on plant breeding and the use of genetic resources in times of climate change.

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May 2022


Online seminar on ABS and DSI

The aim of the webinar is to discuss digital sequence information (DSI) and the implications of its use.

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November 2021


Nordic stakeholder workshop on crop wild relative conservation and use

Workshop in Norway within the project "Conservation and sustainable use of genetic resources in the Nordic countries".

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June 2021


Farmer’s Pride’s International Conference arranged online

Farmer's Pride, which NordGen is part of, is arranging an international onlineconference.

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April 2021


Nordic Expert Seminar on Plant Genetic Resources

NordGen arranges an online seminar within the project "Access and Rights to Genetic Resources – a Nordic Approach (II)”.

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February 2021


Grain Legume Working Group meeting

Meeting in NordGen´s working group for Grain Legumes

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November 2020


NordGen participates in a UNEP webinar

From the 30th of November til the 2nd of December, NordGen will participate in an UNEP webinar about food security.

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Feedback workshop on the European Genetic Resources Strategy

A workshop on the European Genetic Resources Strategy is arranged online by GenResBridge.

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Meeting in NordGen Plant’s Working Group for Cereals

NordGen Plants’ Working Group for Cereals is meeting online to discuss relevant issues.

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October 2020


Meeting in NordGen Plants’ Working Group for Grain Legumes

The NordGen Plants Working Group for Grain Legumes will meet online.

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Canada’s Genebank Celebrates its 50-Years Anniversary!

Canada’s genebank PGRC turns 50 years and will celebrate with a virtual day in the sign of genetic resources. Invited speakers from all corners of the world will tell you more about conservation and sustainable use of genetic resources. NordGen’s...

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