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Fields and greenhouse

NordGen has access to facilities at the Swedish Agricultural University (SLU) at Alnarp. These include fenced fields and greenhouses at Trädgårdslabbet and Lönstorp. The facilities are used for multiplication of material, for evaluation and characterization, and for more specific projects.

For regeneration of cross-pollinated species we use isolation either in time or space – or we use isolation chambers or tents. NordGen was part in the building of a new 1000 square meter greenhouse in 2009. Material with special needs and priority is regenerated in greenhouses. We also have facilities for mini-tuber production of potato.

Isolation tents for insect pollinated crops, and smaller isolation tents (1 x 1 meter), as well as bagging of single plants is used in regeneration depending on the type of material.  We also have net tunnel for pea production and cereals.

Regeneration and multiplication work is also carried out at sites of our collaborating partners in the various Nordic countries, especially of grasses and landraces from the Northern regions ot the Nordic countries.