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Newly Discovered Skeleton Can Tell Us About the History of Mountain Cattle

Did the Vikings have cows? If so, how are Viking cattle related to today's mountain cattle? We hope to answer these questions in the 3MC project, that gathers and disseminates knowledge about the mountain cattle's origins and cultural history.

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Winners Selected: Photo Competition to Spread Knowledge About Nordic Transboundary Cattle

The Jury has now selected five winning photos within the 3MC project (3MC – Traditional Transboundary Mountain Cattle Breeds in Nordic). Five photographers whose pictures have been chosen as winners will be awarded with prizes from the NordGen seed collection,...

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Do you Have Pictures of Mountain Cattle? Help us Collect Stories of our Nordic Cultural Heritage!

We are now saving your stories and images for future generations. Did your grandmother have mountain cattle when you were growing up? Or perhaps you took care of one yourself? Write to us about your experiences and memories. You choose the format, style and wording.  The collecting...

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