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Ett hav av cikoriablommor med en humla.

NordGen Coordinates Project on Joint Nordic View on Access and Benefit Sharing of Genetic Resources

Right now, world leaders are gathering in Montreal to reach an agreement on how to stop the biodiversity loss. NordGen is currently leading a project which will gather the Nordic view on access and benefit sharing of genetic resources.

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Person working in a laboratory analyzing DNA wearing protective clothing

New DNA Research Reveals the Origins of Northern Native Breeds

Ancient DNA can tell a lot about the animals and what they were like in ancient times. The historical DNA samples come from cattle that grazed the Northern forest meadows hundreds of years ago.

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Professor Charlotte Kroløkke Investigates Human-animal Bonds

Within the cross-disciplinary 3MC project, professor Charlotte Kroløkke studies how human-animal relationships emerge. Her work can help create an understanding of genetic resources as forms of cultural heritage that are valuable for the future.

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Mapping of Nordic Horses will Contribute to Improved Conservation Efforts for Threatened Breeds

New project will gather knowledge for future development of conservation plans for the Nordic horse breeds.

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Landscape with cattle, farm buildings and people from game application nordic cows

Where Facts and Fiction Meet: Happy Cows Are the Key to Success in New Innovative Farm Survival Game

Fact and fiction meet in the game application Nordic Cows, which is based on information from folk tales, historical sources and pedigrees. The game is produced by the cross-disciplinary project 3MC – Nordic Mountain Cattle, which is led by NordGen....

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Black, white and brown faroese horse in front of a fjors and mountains

New Research on the Faroese Horse

The Faroese horse is considered critically endangered, and NordGen has for many years worked to take care of the unique breed. Recently, a study about opportunities for conservation of the breed has been published.

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Market stand with colourful old fashioned woolen mittens in the foreground

Broadening Awareness About Nordic Mountain Cattle

Nordic mountain cattle are in focus in Tornio on 2 July. The 3MC project, led by NordGen, brings Nordic mountain cattle to the Peräpohjola market. Veterinarian Ossi Kemppainen speaks about a secret rescue operation at the Museum of Torne Valley.

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Green trees framing a stony beach, a cold sea and snow-covered mountains.

NordGen participated in Tromsø meeting where Nordic ministers discussed food, agriculture, and resilience

The midnight sun was shining on the partly snow-covered mountains as ten Nordic ministers gathered in Tromsø today to discuss climate, resilience and preparedness.

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two archeologists collecting bone samples from cattle bones

Auli Bläuer and the Worlds of Old Bones

Old bones of Nordic mountain cattle are the subject of Auli Bläuer’s research in the cross-disciplinary project “3MC – Nordic Mountain Cattle”, which is led by NordGen.

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FAO and NordGen in Collaboration on a Cryoconservation Webinar Series

The first webinar of ten on cryoconservation of animal genetic resources will take place on 18 May.

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