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Photo of Helge Hvoslefs presentation on birch

Pine and Broadleaved Trees in Focus When NordGen Arranged a Forest Thematic Day in Norway

About 60 persons participated during the thematic day in Ås, Norway.

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Photo of hand and bag of spruce needles

Now You Can Apply for the Forest Scholarship From NordGen and SNS – Read About Three Examples From 2023

Are you a student, researcher or practitioner in forest breeding, seed or plant production or forest regeneration in the Nordic region? Then you can apply for the annual forest scholarship. Some of this year’s scholarship holders used the grants to...

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Bilden föreställer ett skogsplantor av gran som växer i ett växthus

Proper Material in Forest Regeneration Is Required for Climate Change Adaption – New Report From NordGen Compiles Statistics on Forest Seeds and Plants in the Nordic Region

Tillgång till en samlad och överskådlig statistik är viktig för det nordiska samarbetet och förståelsen för skogsbrukets utveckling.

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This photo shows an a group of people in the forest during an excursion at Bregentved estate.

Tree Species Selection and the Forests Adaptation to Climate Change Highlighted During NordGen’s Forest Conference

About a hundred persons participated when the forest conference was arranged in Ringsted, Denmark.

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Photo of a pea flower

Nordic Ministers Updated on Expert Report About Genetic Resources

NordGen was attending the annual summer meeting of the Nordic ministers for forestry, agriculture, fisheries and food. Among other things, the ministers were informed about a new report on access and rights to genetic resources.

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Biodiversity of Native Farm Animal Breeds Needs to Be Safeguarded for Future Challenges

A wide diversity of landraces is important for Nordic agriculture to be able to adapt to future, yet unknown, challenges.

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Ett hav av cikoriablommor med en humla.

NordGen Coordinates Project on Joint Nordic View on Access and Benefit Sharing of Genetic Resources

Right now, world leaders are gathering in Montreal to reach an agreement on how to stop the biodiversity loss. NordGen is currently leading a project which will gather the Nordic view on access and benefit sharing of genetic resources.

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Photo of the Greenlandic Arboretum

Apply for the Forest Scholarship From NordGen and SNS – Read About This Year’s Scholarships Holders

Now it is time to apply for the annual forest scholarship, the deadline for submitting applications is February 15 2023.

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Forests Adaptation to Climate Change Focal Point at the NordGen Forest Conference

The forest conference "Scoping our forests for the future" included presentations by 14 lecturers and forests excursions in the region.

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Forest Genetic Diversity Key to Success When Iceland Invests in Forest Tree Planting

NordGen Forest Working Group on Genetic Resources visited Iceland and gained more knowledge about the countrys special conditions for forestry.

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