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Remember to register for NordGen Farm Animal’s workshop!

Date: 14.11.2018 Author: Sara Landqvist Category: Husdjur
Icelandic Cattle

Icelandic Cattle is one of the breeds discussed during the workshop.

On the 29th-30th of November, NordGen Farm Animals Arrange an excursion and workshop on the theme Genomic selection. Don’t miss out on the opportunity come close to the endangered Finncattle and learn more about breeding in small populations.


The excursion on the 29th of November goes to Tampere and Ahlman Vocational College, which keeps severals different sorts of Finncattle. You will have the possibility to buy cheese from the Finncattle here.

The day after, the 30th, a workshop is arranged from 9 am–4 pm at Hotel Nuuksio in Espoo, Finland.

We need your registration no later than the 16th of November to farm-animals@nordgen.org.

Read more about the event here.