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Each year, NordGen accepts a number of students and seasonal workers that contribute to our mission in one way or another. Relevant tasks can include garden work, seed analysis in our seed lab or writing a thesis in collaboration with us.


If you study within an area relating to NordGen's operations, there might be a possibility for you to conduct your thesis or degree project in cooperation with us. The list below contains suggested topics and is updated once a year.

Internships, work practice, and seasonal jobs

We primarily accept students doing their internship as part of the different gardening programs at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. In certain cases, we also accept summer workers and you who are eligible for work training. If you are interested in any of these opportunities, please fill in the form below to contact us.

Feel free to write a few sentences about yourself and why you are interested of NordGen.
If you have a resumé or other documents you would like to share with you can upload them here.