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As the joint gene bank of the Nordic countries, NordGen’s mission is to safeguard seeds for future food production. Our genebank contains about 33.000 seed samples from close to 450 different plant species. The seeds are stored in a room with hundreds of freezers. A room that has come to be called the Nordic region’s most important room.

NordGen is responsible for all plants that can be safely propagated with seeds. However, the responsibility for safeguarding vegetatively propagated plants such as fruits, berries, perennials and certain spices and herbs lies on the national gene banks in each Nordic country. The exception is potatoes, which NordGen preserves in vitro – as living plants.

The best way to preserve genetic diversity is to use it. The Nordic seed collection is no exception. Therefore, NordGen sends out thousands of seed samples annually to scientists, plant breeders, companies, museums, botanical gardens and home gardeners with an interest in old cultural plants.

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A person is pushing a wagon in a room filled with metal freezers.