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Since the inauguration in 2008, the media interest for Svalbard Global Seed Vault has been enormous. We welcome all this attention, considering that issues concerning the genbanks’ efforts for conserving plant genetic diversity are essential for everyone who eat.

NordGen is happy to schedule meetings with media representatives who decide to go to Svalbard in conjunction with seed deposits, events that take place a few times each year. However, we appreciate if you contact us well in advance in order to fit the interview into our often very busy schedule.

We are also happy to facilitate interviews at times when we are not in Svalbard. Media representatives are welcome to visit us at our head office in Alnarp, Sweden, where they can visit our gardens and our genebank and learn more about the Seed Vault’s operations. Interviews can also be arranged through e-mail, phone or video conference tools.

Photo and video material

It is unfortunately not possible for media representatives to visit the interior of the Seed Vault. However, the surrounding area is not restricted and you can stand outside the iconic entrance door to the Seed Vault. But beware of polar bears.

Photos from the interior can be downloaded from NordGen’s Flickr-page. The photos are available under a Creative Commons-licens and are free to use as long as the purpose isn’t commercial and NordGen is given credit.

NordGen can also offer high resolution video footage from the Seed Vault’s interior, exterior and the surrounding landscapes. For media representatives interested in such footage, please contact our staff working with communication.