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NordGen Farm Animals is a service and knowledge center working to conserve and promote sustainable management of the animal genetic resources in the Nordic region. We contribute to the Nordic countries’ own work by promoting the genetic, economic, cultural, historical and social values ​​that come with a wide variety of different animals in Nordic agriculture.

The genetic diversity that our farm animals carry is invaluable. The landrace breeds originally used in Nordic agriculture have adapted to our climate and conditions for thousands of years. They have developed desirable qualities that make them durable. Landrace breeds often also have a broader genetic base than commercial breeds, giving them a better ability to adapt to change. The animals also usually have good maternal characteristics and are kind and easy to handle.

Landraces for the future food production

Today, we’re dependent on modern agriculture and commercial breeds to produce the amount of food we eat. But the landraces are ideal for smaller farms with more traditional farming methods. However, many of our landraces are at risk of extinction. One of NordGen Farm Animals’ missions is to reverse this trend. We need a wide variety of animal genetic resources, not least to be able to adapt to the needs of the market and new production systems. At a time when climate change is becoming increasingly urgent, it is crucial to ensure that we can produce food sustainably in the future. The Finnish mountain cattle, the Norwegian coastal goat and the Scanian flower chicken can carry solutions to problems that we have not yet discovered.

Providing tools and advice

NordGen Farm Animals’ activities are about providing tools and advice to preserve the genetic variation in living populations (in situ) but also to establish cryo-storage of genetic material (ex situ). Through a variety of projects, we are working to initiate research and development projects related to categorization, conservation, management and sustainable use of animal genetic resources. 

NordGen Farm Animals also organizes workshops, seminars and courses for various Nordic stakeholders in the area and promote good collaboration between them. We also work to promote sustainable breeding practices and good principles for fair trade in animal genetic material.