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NordGen Forest is a meeting place that gathers researchers, breeders, managers and others who work within the forest sector. Through thematic days, conferences, meetings and seminars, we bring together the Nordic forest actors and enable better cooperation in the forest sector.

In the Nordic countries, forests have always played an important role. Forests provides wood and bioenergy, protection against wind and erosion, biodiversity and is a carbon dioxide sink. When it comes to climate change, the forest is especially important because it binds carbon dioxide throughout its lifetime. In addition, timber can replace other materials that gives large emissions when produced.

Climate change can hit our forests hard because the trees we plant today will grow for decades to come. During the life of a tree, the climate will change and we must deal with the emergence of new pests and diseases that have not existed in the Nordic region before. Therefore, it is important that we have trees that are adapted to the place where they will grow, both now and for many years to come. This is needed to secure the forest’s role in the future.

Resilient forests are needed

The forest industry within the Nordic countries agrees that there is a need for a strong, resilient forest in the future. An important key to this resilience is genetic diversity. Because different trees carry different genes, chances are that some of them can resist the new threats.

NordGen Forest’s focus areas are forest genetics and conservation of forest genetic resources, seed and plant production and rejuvenation of forests. By disseminating knowledge and experience between the various actors and to the public, we help to develop better plant production and better rejuvenation methods of forest. We also keep up to date and initiate research and development in the area and conduct various types of projects and information activities.

NordGen Forest is located in Ås,  Norway.

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