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NordGen work in several different areas with the overarching aim to conserve and promote a sustainable use of genetic resource sin the Nordic region. Our head office is in Alnarp, Sweden but we also have offices in Ås, Norway.

Our work is organised in three sections; NordGen Plants, NordGen Farm Animals and NordGen Forest. The plant section is situated in Alnarp where we also have the genebank including laboratories and greenhouse and gardens for propagation of seeds. The farm animal and forest sections are situated in Ås, Norway. NordGen is also the operational manager of Svalbard Global Seed Vault and acting as Secretariat for the Nordic Public-Private Partnership on pre-breeding. 

Two people standing by a large pile of newly harvested vegetable plants.


NordGen Plants is NordGen's largest section. The section include seed and cultivation technicians, researchers and laboratory staff. The plant section is also responsible for the Nordic seed collection which contains about 33 0000 seed samples. 

Brown and white cow standing in front of a house and a Norwegian flag.

Farm animals

There are more than 160 farm animal breeds native to the Nordic region. These breeds have been important for our agriculture for generations. Unfortunately, only 13% of the Nordic native breeds have viable populations. NordGen is working to reverse that trend.

Forest on a barren meadow with a hill in the background.


NordGen Forest is a meeting place for foresters in the Nordic region. Through our thematic days and conferences, forest professionals meet and exchange new knowledge and experiences. Once a year NordGen forest grant scholarships to promote the Nordic collaboration within the area.