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Each year, NordGen Forest Arranges a popular conference, attracting foresters from all of the Nordic countries. This year, the conference will be arranged in the south of Iceland, in 


The conference is arranged on the 17th-18th of September and will this year focus on early detection and mitigation of invasive pests and diseases in Nordic forests. This is a problem we can expect will be more usual as climate change causes a warmer climate in the Nordic countries.

Excursion close to volcano

The first day of the conference focuses on several interesting issues within the theme. The second day, an excursion is arranged close to the volcano Hekla. This day, we are to visit geothermal heat forests in Reykir, breeding for resistance in Black cottonwood, use of biological control in the greenhouse farming at Fridheimar and presentation of the Land reclamation project in Iceland.

Read more and find a link to the entry form here.