About NordGen Forest

NordGen Forest is a Nordic body dedicated to forest regeneration, plants, seed and genetic resources.

Nordic meeting place
NordGen Forest addresses conservation and sustainable use of forest genetic resources, by being a forum for researchers, practitioners and managers working on forest genetics, seeds, planting stock and regeneration, and by facilitating the flow of scientific information and knowhow between these groups.

We connect people in conferences, thematic days, seminars and meetings, as well as through our information and public awareness work.

Our main goal is to contribute to the establishment of the best possible Nordic forests for the future.

NordGen Forest consists of two bodies, each with members from all the Nordic countries:

NordGen Forest continues the work of the former NSFP (Nordisk skogbruks frø- og planteråd).

The secretariat of NordGen Forest is located at the Norwegian Institute of Bioeconomy Research (NIBIO) in Ås, Norway.

Activities in 2017

Our activities will be based on NordGens strategies on conservation and sustainable use of forest resources.

During 2017 we will host a conference in Denmark and two thematic days in Norway and Sweden. Further, we will exchange information on national developments in forest regeneration, research and forest policy. In collaboration with Nordic Forest Research (SNS) we will distribute scholarships to enhance knowledge and competencies in our field of work.

In preparation for a seminar on genetic resources in August 2017, a review of the conservation of forest genetic resources in the Nordic countries is planned, based on the national programmes. We also aim to identify the potential for storing more forest seeds at the Svalbard Global Seed Vault.