Forest Regeneration Council

Medlemmarna i skogsrådet står framför en snötäckt bergskedja.
NordGen’s Forest Regeneration Council at their Spring meeting in Iceland 2018.

The NordGen Forest Regeneration Council is one of NordGen’s expert networks and has an important role in the continuity of the work of NordGen. The Council seeks to increase the availability of suitable forest reproductive material through communication activities and to promote successful forest regeneration in the Nordic countries.

The Forest Regeneration Council consists of two members from each Nordic country and meets twice a year. The chairmanship lasts for four years and circulates between the countries. The Council contributes with its knowledge and takes an active part in NordGen Forest’s conferences and other events concerning the availability of forest plants, rejuvenation methods, genetic resources and breeding.

The Forest Regeneration Council is working to:

  • Initiate and develop Nordic co-operation
  • Collect and disseminate information to both industry professionals and the general public
  • Contribute to skills enhancement through conferences and thematic days
  • Initiate and follow Nordic research and development
  • Discuss relevant international issues and coordinate Nordic approaches if necessary

Members of the Forest Rejuvenation Council

NordGen Personel 1


Terje Hoel

Ministry of Agriculture and Food

NordGen Personel 2


Gunnar Friis Proschowsky, Chair

Danish Nature Agency

NordGen Personel 3


Torben Leisgaard

Frijsenborg Forest Nursery

NordGen Personel 4


Antti Lännenpää

Finforelia Oy

no picture


Tiina Ylioja

Natural Resources Institute - Luke

NordGen Personel 6


Brynjar Skúlason

Icelandic Forest Service

no picture


Hallur S. Björgvinsson

Icelandic Forest Service

no picture


Nina Hårdnes Tremoen

The Norwegian Forest Seed Center

NordGen Personel 9


Ellinor Edvardsson

Holmen Skog

NordGen Personel 10


Claus Uggla

Swedish Forest Agency

NordGen Personel 11


Inger Sundheim Fløistad