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Mateusz Liziniewicz, contributed to better collaboration between Nordic and Baltic researchers working with forest plant breeding, after being granted the NordGen/SNS scholarship.

Now it’s time to apply for the NordGen Forest scholarship which is granted in cooperation with Nordic Forest Research, SNS. We need your application no later than this Friday, February 15. By applying, you have the chance to finance a study visit or field work for your research, participate in a workshop or, as Mateusz Liziniewicz, contribute to better collaboration between Nordic and Baltic researchers working with forest plant breeding.

“The cooperation between countries is needed for being able to test how seedlings carrying various genetic traits grow in different environments. This will lead to a better understanding of how the genetic material will be useful in the forestry of the future, tackling climate change”, Mateusz Liziniewicz says.

Few examples of cooperation today

At the meeting, it was evident that there are very few cooperation between the countries today. The projects that do exist are built on personal contacts rather than institutional agreements. “It was very clear during this meeting that a policy for how experiment collaboration could be executed, is needed. We need some kind of coordination since our countries have such different working conditions and country regulations. We also need cooperation on the organizational level that can agree upon legal-binding such as copy rights and seed trading” says Mateusz Liziniewicz.

Apply as soon as possible

Do you also want to arrange or participate in a network meeting, join a field trip or do you have other ideas which might lead to the development of the Nordic forestry? Then you ought to apply for the SNS and NordGen Forest scholarship.

You can find all the information you need here.

But apply as soon as possible and no later than this Friday,

February 15

. You can receive a maximum of 20 000 NOK. Scholars granted funding will be informed during the month of April.

Concrete outcome

One of the purposes with the scholarships, is the very task Mateusz Liziniewicz fulfilled; to gather foresters in the Nordic and Baltic countries to enlighten problems and solutions that might enrich the forestry. A very concrete outcome from the meeting Mateusz Liziniewicz attended was a mailing list called Forestgen. “I, myself, took on the responsibility to manage the list. It gathers tree breeding researchers from all over the world”, Mateusz Liziniewicz says.