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Illustration: Jarl Holmström/Claes Uggla

Scholarship reports

The NordGen Forest scholarships should contribute to common Nordic benefit by supporting education, continuing education and knowledge exchange for persons working or studying within forest seed or plant production, regeneration methods and tree breeding in the Nordic countries.

Below you will find a summary of activities supported by NordGen Forest from 2013-2017. Reports from 2018 and 2019 are not available online, but feel free to contact the secretariat of NordGen Forest if you would like to see a specific report at forest@nordgen.org

Reports 2017:

Mateusz Liziniewicz, Skogforsk Sweden: Participation in a network meeting on tree breeding

Johan Malm, Skogforsk, Sweden: Participation in the Field genetics network (FGN) 2017

Johanna Carlsson, SLU and Sveaskog AB, Sweden: Study trip to the company Piccoplant in Germany

Lars Drössler/SLU, Sweden: Grant for organizing the workshop “Oak trees in conifer-dominated forest”

Seppo Ruotsalainen/LUKE, Finland: Travel grant for participation to the IUFRO seed orchard conference in Bålsta, Sweden

Reports 2016:

Gunilla Holmberg/Massbybacka tree nursery, Finland: Study trips to Sweden to find good northern sources of seed for Fagus sylvatica, Quercus robur, Prunus avium and other species

Gunvor Grimeland Koller, Norway: Travel grant for her master thesis on “Plant quality and establishment”

Antti Lännenpää/Fin Forelia Oy, Finland: Trip to Sweden to study new trends in seedling production and possible cooperation

Sigríður Hrefna Pálsdóttir, Iceland: Travel grant to map and categorize forest plots in Iceland

Birgit Sundbø Hagalid, Norway: Travel grant for her master thesis on Fagus sylvatica, registrations in a common garden trial

Lars Hagen Haugsrud, Norway: Travel grant and equipment for master thesis, comparing manual and mechanical planting of Norway spruce (Picea abies)

Reports 2015:

Skogplanter Midt-Norge AS, Norway:  Visits to Ekebo, as part of a preliminary study to establish a breeding centre for Mid-Norway

Ingeborg Anker-Rasch, Norway: Costs of experiments during master thesis

Brynjar Skulason, Iceland: Establishment of the course “Road building for planting and forest management in hilly landscape in Iceland”

Mats Eriksson, Sweden: Participation at the FGN – Field Geneticists Network 2015

Ines Vodopija, Finland: Travel costs and accommodation for field work of the master thesis on high quality beech silviculture and management

Reports 2014:

Agnes Bondesson and Hanna Andre, Sweden: Field work in Iceland, to study soil temperatures’ effect on the growth of Sitka spruce. Their work published at SLU: How increased soil temperature affects photosynthesis and soil respiration in a boreal forest.

Emad Jaber, Finland: Attendance at the XVI International Congress on Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions XVI IS-MPMI 2014

Teijo Nikkanen, Finland: Participation in the Annual meeting of Nordic Arboretum Committee (NAC) in Oslo, September 2014: “Selection of plants for urban forestry and urban greening” . Nikkanens presentation at the meeting: “New ornamental cultivars from special forms of Norway spruce” .

Reports 2013:

Marja-Leena Kilpeläinen, Finland: Travel support for participation at FGN (Field Geneticists Network) meeting in Sweden in autumn 2013

Cecilia Malmqvist og Kristina Wallertz, Sweden: Study trip to Denmark to gain more knowledge on growth of douglas fir (in Swedish only)

Trysil planteskole (nursery), Norway: Thematic trip to Swedish nurseries, for experience exchange on work against weevil attacks (report only in Norwegian) More information in English here .

Tiina Ylioja, Finland: Study trip to Sweden, to increase knowledge on the use of injectable insecticides in seed orchards and to plan and discuss co-operative research . See also article published in Taimiuutiset 3/2013 (“Seedling News”) (in Finnish).