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Every year NordGen produces mini tubers of the Nordic potato varieties. They can be ordered by plant breeders, researchers, museums and other professional users from 1 February each year.

In vitro material of potatoes is distributed year-round but before distribution, we often need to propagate the material. So please consider that it might take up to three months to send your order in some cases.

Orders are done by mail to Pawel Chrominski, NordGen's potato expert. Hobby growers and home gardeners can order a limited selection of potatoes in NordGens webshop that is open from March 1st to May 31st.

Potatoes delivered from NordGen are virus-free and produced in accordance with EU plant health regulations. Before the order can be made, the user needs to sign and submit an agreement that regulates how the material may be used. Unfortunately, due to current regulations, it is not possible for us to distribute potatoes to Norway.

Flowering potato plants in a greenhouse.