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Danish pig

New technology breaks the code of the old livestock breeds

Researchers from Aarhus University’s Center for Quantitative Genetics and Genomics mapped the old livestock breeds’ relationships with each other and with breeds abroad, the structure of breeds and their genomic inbreeding degrees. Results are described in the report ’Old Danish...

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Successful OCS workshop at Hafjell

The OCS workshop arranged by NordGen 6th-10th of June at Hafjell, Norway was a success. To maximize the learning experience of all participants, the workshop was divided into two parts: introductory and advanced. “Part I – Introductory” included lectures on...

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Native Swedish chicken breeds

Although these breeds have probably gone through severe bottlenecks, they still express high phenotypic variation, e.g. in body size and plumage colour. Genetic variation and relatedness of the Swedish local chicken breeds had to date not been investigated. Three molecular...

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Cryopreservation of Finnhorse semen

Finnhorse is the only native horse breed in Finland. It has a long history and is an an invaluable part of the Finnish cultural and historical heritage. The hardworking Finnhorse was used in agriculture and forestry, and it bravely served...

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Second global assessment of AnGR

The Second Report on the State of the World’s Animal Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture provides a comprehensive assessment of livestock biodiversity and its management. It draws together information provided in 129 country reports, 15 reports from international organizations,...

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Arctic Ark

The Arctic Ark -project (Arctic Ark. Human-animal adaptations to the Arctic environment: natural and folk selection practices (Arc-Ark)) studies animals’ adaptation to the Arctic as a complex human-environmental process. The project is a consortium work between researchers from genetics, biology...

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Characterization of native Nordic Breeds

The aim of this document is to provide a list of references outlining the current extent of characterization, both phenotypic and genetic, of native Nordic farm animal breeds. Google scholar was used to search for any scientific publications, including student...

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Swedish mountain cattle, Fjällko

Swedish Mountain Cattle documentary

During her internship Saija Tenhunen worked on a case study of Swedish Mountain Cattle. Her internship produced a short documentary about Fjällko, Swedish Mountain Cattle, one of the native cattle breeds in Sweden. Please, enjoy the lovely scenery of Northern...

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Northern Finncattle

Genes in imprisonment

The new NordGen Council for Animal Genetic Resources, nominated for the term 2015-2017, had its first regular meeting in Finland at the end of April. The Council also had the possibility to get more acquainted with the national animal genetic...

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The early history of livestock husbandry

Most of the material the book is based on originates from the FinnARCH research project, which was a collaboration between the Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke) and the University of Turku and financed by the Finnish Academy. The FinnARCH project...

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