Månad: februari 2015

Invitation to conference

A conference on the green cultural hertiage will be held in Eslöv, Scania in Sweden on the 19th of March. Speaker is among others Tino Hjorth Bjerregaard who will tell about how they combine the management of the green cultural...

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Forest seed deposited at Svalbard

Seeds of Norway spruce and Scots pine from the Nordic countries were brought into the seed vault at Svalbard by Dan Jørgensen, Sven-Erik Bucht and Sylvi Listhaug, Ministers of Food and Agriculture in Denmark, Sweden and Norway. The work on...

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Norway’s wild goats

A wild goat population, which has been roaming an island in Norway’s Sunnmøre district since the 1950s, will be subject of a study being carried out this year. The project was initiated with a field trip to the island of...

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Forest seed destined for Svalbard

Initially, accessions will be of Norway spruce (Picea abies) and Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris) which are the commercially most important tree species in the Nordic region. The aim of the storage is to secure longterm conservation of forest trees, for...

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