Månad: mars 2015

The early history of livestock husbandry

Most of the material the book is based on originates from the FinnARCH research project, which was a collaboration between the Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke) and the University of Turku and financed by the Finnish Academy. The FinnARCH project...

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Nordic Brown Bee Plan of Action

Based on a final report published in November 2014, a group of bee experts from the Nordic countries have drafted a plan of action to ensure the conservation of the Nordic brown bee. The actions with highest priority revolve around...

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Tree breeding from an Icelandic perspective

As an introduction to the meeting, Aðalsteinn Sigurgeirsson from the Icelandic Forest Research gave the audience an overview of past and ongoing forest tree breeding activities in Iceland. He further stated that “Iceland is to be regarded as a developing...

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