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Vad är NordGen?


Oil-seed rape flower Brassica napus L Photo: Simon Jeppson


NordGen – the Nordic Genetic Resource Center – is a Nordic organization dedicated to the safeguarding and sustainable use of plants, farm animals and forests. The Nordic countries have been co-operating for more than 30 years on conservation of genetic resources. NordGen was established in January 2008 as a result of a merger between the Nordic Gene Bank, the Nordic Gene Bank Farm Animals and the Nordic Council for Forest Reproductive Material. NordGen is mainly financed by the Nordic Council of Ministers.

NordGen’s primary task is to contribute to securing the broad diversity of genetic resources linked to food and agriculture. This is done through conservation and sustainable use, solid documentation and information work and international agreements.

The efforts are costly and for this reason the Nordic countries have opted for a joint Nordic solution, although each country also maintains a national program.

Link to statutes of NordGen (in Swedish)

Our vision

Genetic diversity for sustainable development.

Our mission

NordGens mission is to be the gene bank of plants and a knowledge center for the dissemination of information on sustainable conservation and utilization of plant-, farm animal- and forest genetic resources.

NordGens mission is to secure sustainable solutions in relation to food security and to a bio-based economy, by ensuring the conservation and promote the use of genetic resources in agriculture and forestry in the Nordic countries.

Our goals


    • Nordgen works to secure genetic diversity for agriculture and forestry in the Nordic countries.


    • NordGen promotes in a visible, pro-active and effective way, the Nordic co-operation on sustainable conservation and use of genetic resources for agriculture, forestry and food production.


    • NordGen promotes a balanced interplay between environmental considerations and sustainable use of genetic resources.


    • NordGen emphasizes the social, cultural and historical values of genetic diversity within and among different species.


    • NordGen is one of the leading international services and knowledge centers for management of plant, farm animals and forest genetic resources.


    • NordGen is an important service and knowledge center in the public arena, providing important consultation and support to decision makers.


    • NordGen works through its member countries for international openness, co-operation and ethically sound use of global resources.

Geographic location

NordGen is located in Sweden and Norway. The main office and NordGen Plants are in Alnarp, near Malmö, in southern Sweden. NordGen Farm Animals and NordGen Forest are located in Ås, near Oslo, in Norway.